Product Review: “Moshe Kasher: Live in Oakland”


2012 was undoubtedly a watershed year for Moshe Kasher. An Oakland-grown street punk, turned decorated stand-up performer, Kasher dominated the year beginning with the release of a memoir — Kasher in the Rye — and concluding with a weekend at his home club, the San Francisco Punch Line. In the midst of his accomplishments he released “Moshe Kasher: Live in Oakland” through Netflix, his first stand-up offering since 2009’s “Everyone You Know Is Going To Die, And Then You Are! (Unless You Die First)”. And while the ambitiously long-titled primary offering represents a career on the rise, ‘Live in Oakland’ demonstrates a relative apex, Moshe Kasher 2.0.

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Yet another piece I contributed to Spinning Platters. I’m sooooooo close to being caught up/finished with this assignment. Bear with me please. I also have a bear with me as well. His name is Cuddles. 

Moshe Kasher and Audience in... Oh (no) Canada!

  • Moshe Kasher: If you had to choose a rapist, what country would you want them to be from?
  • Audience Member: Canada.
  • Moshe Kasher: Why Canada?
  • Audience Member: Because we wouldn't hurt you.
  • Moshe Kasher: We?!
  • [Paraphrase from Smug Shift, 1/21, SF Sketchfest]
"Damn you Honey Comb, I don’t need you!"

— Jesse Elias at Smug Shift @ Dark Room Theater [Paraphrase]