[Sometimes I write things for other websites. These are the shows you should see this month. I feel incredibly inadequate as a comedy curator—regular life problems—but I need to push out my brand of pretentious knowhow.]

[My latest review, detailing BOAT and BriTANick at the Eureka Theater, one of my favorite shows of all time.]

[My latest review for Spinning Platters covering the Don’t Watch This Show Live! (dwtslive) and Femikaze (femikaze) show hosted by Jules Posner at the Eureka Theater on 1/27/2014]

[My homeboy Dakin Hardwick has just dropped his annual “Nerd Guide to Sketchfest” and I love his categories of nerdom as it correlates to the festival: “Kitsch nerds”! “90s nerds”! “Taking down the system nerds”!] 

Dakin Hardwick and Aukerman discuss the podcast, the television, the live show, and how much Scott loves Phish. Comedy Bang! Bang! Live! smashes into the Herbst Theater tomorrow! 

Yet another piece I contributed to Spinning Platters. I’m sooooooo close to being caught up/finished with this assignment. Bear with me please. I also have a bear with me as well. His name is Cuddles. 

Here is an account of me being completely floored by Hill/Jones. As much as I enjoyed the other two acts on this bill, Matt Jones and Dave Hill absolutely murdered me. 

I had the privilege to watch/review the comedy services of Charles, Stupid Time Machine and Justin Scrimshaw for Spinning Platters. I had fun, you’ll have fun, we’ll all have fun.