Kelly Anneken by. Shawn Robbins

Kelly Anneken by. Shawn Robbins

Kevin Munroe. Statistics.


As a follow up to my previous post, here’s the audio of my set from the second and final round of Twisted Biscuit. I came in 2nd behind the ever-funny & ever-unique Jesse Elias who performed an amazing self-composed song medley, concisely roasting a litany of Bay Area comics.

[UPDATE: A video of most of this set can be seen here with the password “biscuit”.]

Notes on this track:
-[1:17] All of Sal’s set, he’s moving like an confused marionette. The line, “It’s like I’m covered in bubblegum!” is meant to address that.
-[2:05] Loren is in extreme pain throughout her whole set. The stage lights start to burn her, so she puts up her hand to shield her eyes. Then her blocking hand starts to burn. Then her glasses feel to heavy for her face. She tries to take them off, but lifting them hurts her hand. Etc, etc, ad infinitum.
-[3:36] Samson’s joke was supposed to get a huge applause break, but the recording I tried to play from my phone was really quiet.

[If you’re viewing this page on Tumblr, cell phone photo credit goes to Kristee Ono for her picture of the 2nd place ribbon ceremony with me on the left and Twisted Biscuit host Miles K. on the right.]

[In order Thayer emulates Griffin Daley, Sal Calanni, Loren Kraut, Samson Koletkar, Joe Klocek and Greg Asdourian]

Wednesday Comedy News: 7/20/2011

Gastalt Comedy Showcase. 3159 16th St. SF. 9 PM. No Cover. Hosted by Joe Gorman and David Cairns. [Good food and drink available as well.]

W. Kamau Bell & Kevin Avery @punchlinesf . 444 Battery St. SF. 8 PM. $15. Featuring Janine Brito.

Sylvan Productions Open-Mic @ Dirty Trix. 408 Clement St. SF. 9 PM.

Blue Room @ The Stud. 9th & Harrison St. 9 PM. Free. [Word on the street is that a documentary camera crew will be filming this night. Quick, somebody call Sweet Gale!]

Ladies Night at the Brainwash. Hosted by Kristee Ono. Sign Ups: 7:30. Show: 8ish. 

The Business @ Dark Room Theater. 2263 Mission Street. $5. 8 PM. Featuring Chris Garcia, Bucky Sinister & Guests: Greg Edwards and Paco Romane

No Alex? No Sean? No problem! The Business welcomes two exciting guests from near and far to hold down the fort with Chris and Bucky this week. From Los Angeles, we welcome San Francisco expatriate Greg Edwards, and from just a few blocks away in the Mission, we welcome Paco Romane.

Greg Edwards is a native of Virginia who cut his comedy teeth in the Bay. Now he’s brought his one-liners, handsome good looks, and southern charm to Los Angeles, but makes a triumphant return to the Business this week. Paco Romane is a comedian and actor, a member of the sketch group Killing My Lobster, and the producer of The Romane Event, a monthly comedy showcase at the Make-Out Room.

As always, the show is just five dollars and burrito-eating is tolerated - nay, encouraged!

Wednesday Night Comedy @ Masses Sports Bar and Grill. 2721 North Main St. Walnut Creek. 9 PM. 21+. No Cover. Featuring Headliner Greg Asdourian, Ellery Urquhart, Butch Escobar, Dave DeLuca. Hosted by David Studebaker.


My contribution to Twisted Biscuit 2011. It was humbling to compete among such talent and even more humbling to win. If you haven’t seen it already, Chris Thayer’s brilliant and merciless set is available at Thanks to Ameen Belbahri and Miles K for making the show happen, and Ivan Hernandez for the video.. 

(Source: jesseelias)

"You may recall the show Family Matters; it was a popular sitcom from the 1990’s. In it the character Steve Urkel has a machine that he stepped into and reemerged from as Stefan. I have such a machine at my house, except when I step into it, I reemerge as Sammy Franco."

— Miles K. doing an impression of Jesse Elias at Twisted Biscuit [via J.E. + Facebook]


I just competed in “Twisted Biscuit”, San Francisco’s comedy game show where local comics impersonate/parody/mock other Bay Area comics. It’s pretty heavy on the inside jokes and you’d probably have to be a comic, an aficionado of the SF comedy scene, or just a poor barista or bartender—who is subject to an open mic or show in their place of business every week—to truly appreciate or even understand most of it. In any case, this is the audio of my set from round one. Enjoy!

Notes on this track:
-[0:35] When Danny gets his improv suggestions, he pulls out a #2 pencil and uses it to tap on his cheek while simply repeating the audience’s suggestions back to them.
-[2:58] Jabari’s notes are 3 pieces of paper and each one has a message on the back (facing the audience) written in huge letters. The first one says “THINGS GANGSTERS DO”.
-[3:06] - The next one says “THINGS WHITE PEOPLE EAT”
-[3:16] - The final one says “‘YOU FEEL ME?!’” (with the JD signature logo next to it).


Abbey Jordan by. Isa Hopkins

Abbey Jordan by. Isa Hopkins

7/13/2011 Twisted Biscuit @ The Stud. 399 9th St. SF. 8 PM. Free. Featuring Roman Leo, Lydia Popovich, Jesse Elias, Emily Heller and Chris Thayer.
[Apparently Thayer rocked it last time. Insider sources says he’s the one to beat.]

7/13/2011 Twisted Biscuit @ The Stud. 399 9th St. SF. 8 PM. Free. Featuring Roman Leo, Lydia Popovich, Jesse Elias, Emily Heller and Chris Thayer.

[Apparently Thayer rocked it last time. Insider sources says he’s the one to beat.]