"Everything is Awesome!!!" by Tegan and Sara, featuring the Lonely Island (Natives).

[The Lego Movie hit me hard (in the best way). It had all the humanity of your feel-good fiction, insanely clever, with a stunning insight to creativity. I enjoyed it immensely, and highly recommend it. Also, the Berkeley Boys are on the track, which is a good excuse to gush over my favorite family film since Wreck-it-Ralph and Paranorman.] 

[Interesting! Production company announcements are a little too “inside” for this lowly culture blog but the Berkeley Boys of The Lonely Island are always a point of intrigue. Given their bottom-to-top, Channel101-to-SNL-to-movies-to-television-to-music-and-more portfolio of excellence, the expectations are extremely high. It’s funny, a decade ago Fox shot down Awesometown. Now, they’re in bed with the princes of weirdness. Cool beans.]

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Podcast: WTF w/ Marc Maron. Episode 459. Featuring Andy Samberg. Download Link: Here. iTunes Link: Here. Official Link: Here.

Andy Samberg (Native) says he’ll probably be most remembered for “D*** in a Box,” and that’s okay by him. Marc talks with the former SNL cast member to find out about the other things he’ll be remembered for, including his Lonely Island collaborations, his films and his new television show. Plus, Andy tells Marc why pro-wrestling is responsible for his devotion to SNL

[This really cleared up a lot of Lonely Island lore, as well as a delightful porthole into Andy’s goofiness. Good talk.]

"D*ck In A Box" by The Lonely Island featuring Andy Samberg (Native) and Justin Timberlake


Festival Supreme | Santa Monica, CA | 10.19.13
Tenacious D’s special surprise guests, The Lonely Island (Bay Natives).


Festival Supreme | Santa Monica, CA | 10.19.13

Tenacious D’s special surprise guests, The Lonely Island (Bay Natives).

Reggie Watts Making Music With Andy Samberg (Native)

Berkeley’s own The Lonely Island performing “YOLO” live with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots. 

[Akiva, Andy and Jorma are perennial progenitors of region pride. They could have phoned it in on this, but they transcended their own awesomeness with some help from the best band/host in late night.]

Barbary Countdown: Julie Klausner Interviews The Lonely Island (Natives) [20 Days Left]

[Julie Klausner brings her cabaret show to Outside Lands to provide SF with a fierce, femme-y assault. Biting, intelligent and hilarious, we cannot wait for the wonder that her Cabaret Situation should assuredly deliver. Julie is the girl in eighth grade with spot-on commentary and major laughs that we desperately wish we were friends with. Let’s hope to hear the writer, comedian and podcaster belt our favorite showtunes (her “Wig in a Box” from Hedwig is a must listen (@12:50)) and banter our pants off. You should go because you most probably need more redhead New Yorkers in your comedy diet.

- Guest written by Melanie Levy] 

"The Compliments (feat. Too $hort) by The Lonely Island. Album: The Wack Album. Year: 2013. 

[This is HUGE! The Lonely Island has silently — and not so silently — repped the Bay, their home, during their tenure as pop phenomenonS. But you can’t get more Bay Area than the legendary Too $hort. $hort’s story is a bedtime tale for anybody who grew up in/around the 925(10) — listen to this interview for a definitive telling — and it’s a historic (Bay Rap/Frap) collaboration on this track.]

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The Lonely Island: Spell It Out

The O.G. is silent.

[Did anybody take the time to put it all together? This may be my favorite #WackWednesdays release. New album next week!]

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