Totally Biased: Sheng Wang (#SF00s) Performs Live!

Totally Biased: The Totally Biased Deaf Jam featuring W. Kamau Bell (#sf00s) and Amber Galloway Gallego

"Totally Biased: Happy Columbus Day?" featuring Janine Brito (#SF00s)

Totally Biased: Louis Katz (#SF00) Calls Out OkCupid. 

Totally Biased: Kevin Kataoka (#SF00s): Asian Evasion. 

Totally Biased: Dance Like Everyone is Watching featuring Guy Branum (#SF00s) and Janine Brito (#SF00s).

Totally Biased: The Florida Intervention

In this very special segment, Kamau (#SF00s) stages a Totally Biased Intervention for the Sunshine State with Janine Brito, Guy Branum, Eliza Skinner, Aparna Nancherla and Dwayne Kennedy. Florida, we know you need help: all you need to do is ask. 

Totally Biased: Louis Katz’s New Commandments


On last night’s Totally Biased, Tracy Morgan and I BATTLED TO THE DEATH (and by death I mean giggles.)

Totally Biased w/ W. Kamau Bell: “The Bus Ride to Washington”