Wednesday Comedy News: 3/9/2011

New South Bay Open Mic @ Senzala. 250 East Java Drive. Sunnyvale. Sign-Ups: 9:15. Show: 9:30-12:30. Hosted by. Imran G. 

Mean Dave’s Mean Aloha Open Mic. 5 Masonic Ave. SF. Sign Ups: 9 PM. Show: 10 PM.

Stud Open Mic. 9th & Harrison St. 9 PM. Free. contact: studcomedy @ yahoo dot com for bookings (This show fills up with comedians very fast).

Ladies Night at the Brainwash. Hosted by Kristee Ono. Sign Ups: 7:30. Show: 8ish.(Always a good time. Female friendly. Girlfriend friendly?) 

Business @ Dark Room Theater. 2263 Mission Street. $5. 8 PM. Featuring Bucky Sinister and guests: Beth Stelling, Morgan, Kevin Handcock and Chris Thayer.

Beth Stelling visits The Business from Chicago, hoping to make San Francisco as a-flutter about her as her home town is. She was named the Best Stand-up Comedian by The Chicago Reader, The Chicago Tribune has listed her as a “Comedian to Watch” and she’s the youngest comic listed on’s “Top 20 Stand-up Comedians in Chicago”. All this while stealing the show at Just For Laughs Chicago and running a popular show called “Entertaining Julia”

Just Morgan (not to be confused with championship skimboarder Morgan Just) is in her own words “A 58 year old transgendered woman just telling the truth…” And what truth it is. Morgan is a favorite at Harvey’s in the Castro, the Lookout, and she was recently featured at the very popular “Fags n Hags” show at the SF Punchline.

Returning to the Business is everyone’s favorite Marshmallow Peep enthusiast Kevin Hancock. Kevin has been around the SF Comedy scene for years. He works all the major clubs in town (The Gold Club, The Cat Club, The Hot Sauce of the Month Club), and is the host of “Pretty Good Not Much” a very funny radio program on Pirate Cat Radio.

…and with Alex traveling around the country with the next month or so like a modern day Johnny Joke-seed, The Business is proud to bring on Chris Thayer as his “understudy.” Thayer is also no stranger to the Business, making memorable past appearances that have endeared him to us all in a skinny, creepy way.

As always, The Business is totally five bucks, totally at 8pm and totally not BYOB anymore, but totally get your taco on across the street. Totally

Big Al’s Big Ass Comedy Show @ The San Jose Improv. 65 S. 2nd St. San Jose. 8 PM. $12. 18+. 2 Drink Minimum. Featuring Big Worm, Bruce Burton, Geo Belaski, and headliner Ngaio Bealum. Hosted by. Big Al Gonzales.

Rooftop’s 2011 National College Comedy Competition Stanford vs. Cal @ The Purple Onion. 140 Columbus. 18+. $5. Hosted Chris Garcia. [An age old regional rivalry exploding at the most historic standing venue in San Francisco comedy. I have more friends on the CAL side so GO CAL!]

Comedy Wednesday @ George’s. 842 4th Street. San Rafael. 8 PM. $10. Featuring Ellis Rodriguez and Trenton Davis. 

Wednesday Night Comedy @ Masses Sports Bar and Grill. 2721 North Main St. Walnut Creek. 9 PM. 21+. No Cover. Featuring Candy Churilla, Armando Ramirez, Ben Feldman and more. Hosted by Greg Asdourian. 

Who Got Jokes @ Karibean City. 1408 Webster St. Oakland. 21+. 10 PM. $10. Dress code enforced. Featuring Esha da Truth, Gina Ritter, T’Kia and Whoadi The Shot Caller. 

Wednesday Comedy Wrap-Up (9/15/2010)

Open Mic @ McGrath’s Pub. 1539 Lincoln Ave. Alameda, CA. Sign Ups: 9:00 PM. Show: 9:30ish. (Two OJ Hosted events without a flyer. I’ve been slipping. Lo Siento). 

Stud Open Microphone. 9th & Harrison. San Francisco, CA. 8:30 Sign Ups. 9:00 Show. 

Ladies Night Open Mic. 1122 Folsom St. San Francisco. 8 pm (Sign Ups: 7:30). 

The Mission’s longest-running comedy show welcomes a stellar group of guest stars this week. Andy Haynes, Ron Funches, and Karl Hess are riding a rocket ship to superstardom, and we’re lucky that they’ve decided to refuel at the Business along the way. We’ve also got Chris Garcia, Alex Koll, and Sean Keane to round out the show, available to you for the pittance of five American dollars.

Andy Haynes is a comedian from Seattle who now makes his home in New York City. He was part of the prestigious Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal this summer, and last week he made his network televison debut on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.”

Karl Hess is an LA comedian who also performed at the Just For Laughs Festival in July. He’s performed at the Bridgetown Comedy Festival and the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival, and hosts the semi-weekly Sunday Sunday Sunday Show in Westwood.

Ron Funches was raised in Chicago, but has found a home in the Pacific Northwest. He’s competed in the Seattle International Comedy Competition, and performed at Bumbershoot and the Bridgetown Comedy Festival.

8 PM! Five bucks! A show for the ages!

San Francisco State University and Rooftop Comedy ( present a screening of “Spike and Mike Sick and Twisted Animation”!
The screening is free to all SF State students and only 5$ for the general public. Come for a screening of “Spike and Mike” originals as well as feature the comedy of host and local comedian Sal Calanni and SF State student comedians Jules Posner, Jesse Fernandez, and Spencer Devine.

Event Information:
September 15th, 7pm
Zach Adams Hall at the Cesar Chavez Student Center, 1650 Holloway Ave.
Free for SF State Students, $5 for the public

Jabari Davis and Associates present Janine Brito. 8 PM. $20. 140 Columbus Ave. San Francisco. (Also featuring Stuart Thompson). 

First Night of the Wharf Room “Walk the Plank” competition. The brightest of the up and comers scrapping over at 256 Jefferson St. San Francisco CA. 8:00 PM.

Tonight - McGrath’s Open Mic and Comedy Roast. 1539 Lincoln Ave. Alameda, CA. 9:00 Sign Ups. 9:30 Show. (In light of recent aging we be celebrating Mr. Justin Harrison. Don’t have any fat or wigger or Irish jokes, don’t worry, it’s an open mic show first and foremost. See ya.

Tonight - McGrath’s Open Mic and Comedy Roast. 1539 Lincoln Ave. Alameda, CA. 9:00 Sign Ups. 9:30 Show. (In light of recent aging we be celebrating Mr. Justin Harrison. Don’t have any fat or wigger or Irish jokes, don’t worry, it’s an open mic show first and foremost. See ya.

Tonight - Chantel’s Birthday Show @ The Wharf Room. 286 Jefferson St. Fisherman’s Wharf. San Francisco, CA. 8 PM. Featuring Max Curry, Dave Thomason, Joey Bragg, Griffin Daley, Nicole Turley and more. Check it out.

Tonight - Chantel’s Birthday Show @ The Wharf Room. 286 Jefferson St. Fisherman’s Wharf. San Francisco, CA. 8 PM. Featuring Max Curry, Dave Thomason, Joey Bragg, Griffin Daley, Nicole Turley and more. Check it out.

Wednesday Comedy Wrap-Up

McGrath’s Pub. Open Mic. 1539 Lincoln Avenue. Alameda, CA. Hosted by: OJ Patterson. Sign Ups: 9:00. Show: 9:30. (I’m feeling weird. Odd aura. Don’t know how this is going to go. Didn’t even have time to make a flyer. Hmmm. Come through anyway. Or not. Odd aura.)

Stud. 9th and Harrison. San Francisco, CA. Open Mic. Sign Ups: 8:30. Show: 9:00.

Our last show of the summer is going to be spectacular, as we welcome three great guests to The Business. Adam Lowitt, Sal Calanni, and Kevin Hancock will all be gracing our stage, along with regular Businessmen Alex Koll, Bucky Sinister, and Sean Keane. Labor Day is approaching, so come out to see comedians doing great work. Your knees will be “weekend” by laughter! (Note: Show will not contain such horrible puns)

Adam Lowitt is an Emmy-winning producer of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” who performs stand-up all over New York City. He has also contributed to Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update.”

You can see Sal Calanni cracking up audiences at comedy clubs all over the Bay Area, and you can see him get his ass kicked on an episode of “Trauma.” He also wrote the film “Lucifer’s Crewcut,” and runs the weekly “Sal & Angelo Podcast.”

Kevin Hancok is a regular at Cobb’s Comedy Club, the Sf Punch Line, and at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas. Recently, he made a memorable appearance at the Hubba Huba Revue’s Caveman Show, thus justifying his huge and spectacular beard.

The show starts at 8, and admission is just five dollars. The Dark Room is located on Mission between 18th and 19th Streets, across the street from our informal sponsor, Cancun Taqueria.

Plus the Madrone Art Bar show (TWO STOPS DOWN)


Comedy at the Whitehorse Inn

6551 Telegraph AveOakland, CA7:00-9:00

Wednesday Comedy Wrap-Up (8/11/2010)

Jabari Davis & Associates: Live at the Purple Onion. 140 Columbus Ave. 8PM. $20. (My good friend Stuart Thompson is back from a successful stint in Los Angeles to do a few shows. This will be one of them. He’s alarmingly good and keeps me on my game. And he’ll keep you in your seats). 

Stud Open Mic. 9th & Harrison St. 9 PM. Free. 

McGrath’s Open Mic. Guest Hosted by Josef Anolin. 1539 Lincoln Avenue in Alameda, California. Sign Ups at 8:30. Show at 9:00 PM. (I’m contractually obligated to attend this)

Ladies Night at the Brainwash. Hosted by Kristee Ono. Sign Ups: 7:30. Show: 8ish. (Always a good time. Female friendly. Girlfriend friendly?) 

The Business welcomes back one of our favorites this week - Caitlin Gill, fresh off her highly-acclaimed weekend performances at the Hemlock Tavern. We also welcome back regular Businessman Alex Koll, fresh from his tour of the East Coast. “Welcome Back, Kotter” remains off the air.

As always, The Business delivers the finest alternative comedy in San Francisco for the low price of $5. Show begins at 8, and the Bring-Your-Own-Burrito remains in effect.

Via Facebook

Business @ Dark Room Theater. 2263 Mission Street. $5. 8 PM. (I saw an off chance performance of Caitlin Gill at a Justin Scales show… HOLY CRAP! Blown away. Also… rumor has it she makes good pizza. Sadly the pizza won’t be at this show.)

Wednesday Comedy Wrap-Up (August 4th)

Open Mic Comedy at McGrath’s Pub in Alamedia. $Free. 9:00 PM. featuring OJ Patterson, Justin Harrison, Joey Nitro, and more…

Stud Open Mic Comedy. Sign Ups: 8:30. Show: 9:00. Featuring Ricky Luna and Kelly Annekin.

Madrone Art Bar. 7 P.M. $Free.99. Featuring Donny Divanian, Cory Loykasek, Sheila Bryson, Colleen Watson, Shawn Robbins, Cameron Vannini, Nick Palm, Kelly McCarron. Hosted by: Tony Sparks.

Jabari Davis Presents Live at the Purple Onion. $20. 8:00. Featuring Trenton Davis, Rachel McDowell, Alan Mathis, Malcolm Grissom, Sean Sinha, and more.

The Business roars into August with a powerhouse triumvirate of guest stars - Kurt Weitzmann, Heather Gold, and Sheng Wang. They’re all joining Chris Garcia, Bucky Sinister, and Sean Keane to provide one of the hottest nights of comedy that doesn’t involve a kitchen fire. Six comics! Just five bucks! Because we do it for you, San Francisco. 8 PM, at the Dark Room.

Sheng Wang is a native of Houston, but came of comedy age in The Bay. He’s appeared on Comedy Central and was part of the legendary Comedians of Comedy tour. Now a resident of New York, Sheng is back to share his comedy - and his photography. We’re always thrilled to have Sheng on the show, and also to inevitably eat tacos with Sheng after the show.

Kurt Weitzmann has appeared on Comedy Central, MTV, and every comedy club that exists, has existed, or will exist in the Bay Area, He created the acclaimed parody “The SF Weekly,” wrote and directed the film “Last Call,” and co-created the Jesus Roast, the Hitler Roast, and the Obama Roast.

Heather Gold is the love child of Sarah Silverman and Rachel Maddow and tours North America as a comedian, speaker, and solo performer. She’s the host of “The Heather Gold Show,” and holds degrees from Yale and Northwestern Law, which may have been what drove her into comedy in the first place. She’ll also be presenting a workshop on the 8th - check it out at

Wednesday Comedy Wrap-Up

One of the best. Maria Bamford is performing two shows at the Punchline tonight. The 8 o’clock show is sold out but 10 clock is open according to LiveNation.

Greg is going away from us. Tonight will be his last headlining in San Francisco for a while. Also on the bill are: Chris Thayer, David Wiswell, Colleen Watson, Janine Brito (you, the people you’re going to regretfully miss when they get famous).

Ricky Luna is trying some new awesomeness at the Stud. Meaning: Free money for some lucky person. That’s over at the Stud. 

Of course, The Business holding down my second home: The Dark Room Theater. 

And finally, my Inaugural Hosting Event at McGrath’s featuring a lot cool new things. It’s more like a party if anything.