WTF Podcast w/ Marc Maron: Episode 95 (Patrice O’Neal)

[Black History Perspectives, Patrice O’Neal: Love him or hate him, disagree with his controversial opinions if you must. Patrice O’Neal holds a unique and compelling insight to the legal system and growing up fatherless that’s greatly influenced by his race. A very interesting conversation with Marc Maron and one of my favorite comedians.]

WTF Podcast w/ Marc Maron: Episode 144 (Patton Oswalt)

[Two mid-90s San Francisco residents talk with casual contention about their lives, friendship and careers.

Topics Included: Toilet Paper, Food, Comics, Style, San Francisco 92, Lateral Thinking, Meltdown, Show Business, Confidence, Writing, Movies, Theft Incident, “The Truth is Hack”]

Photo by. Sheng Wang

The oft talked about article about the oft talked about show and showman. Marc, who previously lived in San Francisco, is about to hit the Cobb’s Comedy Club stage for a sold out live recording of his ballooning podcast: WTF. Guests include Bobcat Goldthwait, Will Franken, Maria Bamford and Baron Vaughan. These are the grand times that we are living in…

WTF Podcast w/ Marc Maron. Episode: 132 featuring Blaine Capatch

Nearly 20 years ago, Marc and Blaine Capatch arrived in San Francisco, ready to jumpstart that city’s hibernating comedy scene. A lot has happened to Blaine since then, including a friendship with Bill Hicks, a writing gig on the Price is Right, and burlesque Mexican wrestling shows. Hear Marc and Blaine catch up and take a long, hard look at their place in the world of comedy.

[It’s official. 1992 was the year all my comedy heroes were arriving in San Francisco. It was also the year my brother came out of my mother’s vagina. I was four. Too young for Holy City Zoo.]

WTF Podcast w/ Marc Maron: Episode 46 (W. Kamau Bell and Dwayne Kennedy).

(Both of these fine gentlemen will be performing tonight and tomorrow at the Phoenix Theater in Union Square. Good luck finding tickets. None the less, the two discuss racism in the Alt Comedy Scene, constructing comedy and weird racial energy among other things.)

WTF Podcast w/ Marc Maron featuring Carlos Alazraqui

Carlos Alazraqui, of Rocko’s Modern Life and Reno 911, grew up in Concord, CA. He also beat out Marc Maron and Patton Oswalt in the San Francisco Comedy Competition, a fact he regrets to this day. Terrific voice actor, that in this episode of WTF discusses the socio-economic impact on dialects, rage, race, and sky diving. (Note: Other things also discussed).

Marc Maron @ The Punchline

Marc Maron, former San Francisco resident and striking comedic figure, is playing at the Punchline. The San Francisco Bay Guardian has an excellent article about Mr. Maron you should check out. Really cool pictures. He’s a cool guy.

If you’re unfamiliar with Marc Maron, I suggest you check out his Rooftop Comedy page and his podcast: "WTF w/ Marc Maron" , especially the Judd Apatow and Louis CK episodes. They’re riveting examples of the comedy obsessed getting their dues.

Also on the show is one of the best comedians in the Bay Area: Janine Brito. Every time I’ve seen Janine she’s killed me inside and out. Awesome perspective, perfect poise, and the conduit of my favorite story: Tia Celclia. She also said the funniest four phrase I’ve heard all week: Mary Poppins Purse Snatch.

So if you’re not doing anything this Saturday, reader, and you have a bit of money, reader, go check out Marc, Janine and Ryan Singer (whom I’m unfamiliar with but by virtue of his position, I know is probably very good).

I would have found out first hand how good all three were together last night but Bank of America had my account on empty, and the show sold out.

Marc catches up with Marga Gomez, a comic he knew in San Francisco some 15 years ago. They’ll talk about what it was like to be part of the emerging Bay Area performance scene that launched careers and helped to define a cultural movement. Plus, Marc embarks on an adventure with his pants that will take him into uncharted waters… literally.

Moshe Kasher, Oakland’s “gay-hip-hop-gangster-Jew-fag” (quote attributed to Louis Katz), gives a little life history and comedy history and love life history on Marc Maron’s W.T.F. Podcast.