You’re Welcome w/ Coree Spencer: Episode 8. Guests: Veronica Porras and James Fluty. Guest Co-Host: Joe Gorman.

Subjects Included:

Break-up, J-Dawggery, Carol Barnett, Career, Brokeback Mountain, Santa Claus, New Years Eve, Dinosaurs, Jeff Cleary, Cocaine, Rated-X, Connie, Portland, Cops, “Punk Little Bitch”, White People, Italian, Virginity, Sales Nightmare, Old Jewish Ladies, Sears, Periods, Dirty Minds, Madlibs, Kabeezy, Prisoner, Poetry, Research, Tarot, Raw Dawg, Stickers, Handicaps, and Date Rape ALL AROUND

"You learn something new every time you go up, or at least you should."

— Coree Spencer on getting up. 

You’re Welcome Podcast w/ Coree Spencer. Episode 7. Guests: Philip Schallberger and Shawn Robbins (extremely late). Co-Host: Bill Coladonato.

[Topics Include: Technical Difficulties, Drinking, Walk the Plank, Mom, Winter Formal, Bobby Jefferson Davis III, Everything Falls Apart, Drunk, Suki’s, Portland, Youngsters, Bobby Two Dicks, Mustache, Madlibs, Shrieking, Time Capsule, Anal, Breaking Up, Snob Theater, Stickers]

You’re Welcome w/ Coree Spencer Episode 6. Guest Host: Jesse Elias. Special Guests: Cory “Showtime” Robinson and Donny Divanian.

Topics Include: Cartoons, Snow, Touring, Mad Libs, Walk the Plank, Cake, New Years Eve, Hot Butter Rum Mothers, We Are Nudes, Dirty Minds, Club Chuckles, and White Stripes


Hey everyone! It’s episode 5 of You’re Welcome. With Coree Spencer with guest co host Max Curry with guests Joe Gorman and Morgan!


Subject Include: Rockstar Ronan, Moms, Falling, World Trade Center, Irony, Ironwork, Crowning Achievements, Mad Libs, Abortion vs. Rape Humor, Holly’s, Mushrooms, Tarot Cards, High School, Castagnola’s and Food


Episode 4 with Kristee Ono and Kaseem Bentley. Guest Host Bill Coladonato.


*Note: Due to FCC Free Radio publishing conventions, and Tumblr limitations, the in-blog player will not be Episode 4. Please click the hard link to listen to the show.


Quitting, Car Troubles, Asians, Rape Town, Dental Plans, Hygienic Nuts, Escape from Dick Mountain, an awesome game of Madlibs, Ladies’ Room, Gown Night, Wendy’s Girl, Car Flipping, Tarot Card Readings, After Hours by. The Velvet Underground

A song about cats in the styling of “After Hours” by. The Velvet Underground (via Science of Sleep)


Hey everyone! It’s the 2nd episode of Your Welcome. With Coree Spencer from 11/9
Guest Co Host is Kevin Munroe and guests are Mary Van Note and DJ Real.

In this episode, We talk about DJ REAL’s shocking past as a beat poet, Mary Van Note’s plan to take over the world, Coree calls Kevin a “Trinidaddy” and Kevin reveals that he used to think Coree was a boy. Comedian Jimmy Newstetter calls from backstage at the Helium comedy club to update you on the comedy happening in Portland, Oregon and Coree’s mom calls in again to talk about “crud”.