You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes. Episode 50. Chris Thayer. Download Link: Here.

Pete’s good buddy up-and-coming hilarious comedian Chris Thayer comes by to make it weird and weird it gets made. Seriously a great dude, hilarious dude, and some of the best stories Pete’s ever heard. Please enjoy the UNDISCOVERED WEIRDO TREASURE that Pete wants to share with the world. Yes!

[Chris Thayer, longtime CC favorite, makes a splash on Pete Holmes’ incredible podcast, You Made It Weird. Topics Include: Richard Pryor, Filthy Cosby, Saying Things and Things to Say, College, Not Seeing Thayer’s Comedy, Family, El Paso, Drinking, Virginity (Lost or Taken?), Very Intimate Information, IKEAlist, Austin, Alcoholism, Scoop!, Anxiety, Work, Gifts, Carpets, 9/11, Beginnings, Open Mics, Universal Comedy Truths, Career Advancement, Three Date Rule, Attraction Poker, Meeting Terrains, Lists, Opinion, Double Diapers and more.]

You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes. Episode 32. Greg Proops. Download Link: Here.

Greg Proops (Whose Line Is It Anyway, comedy, Smartest Man in the World podcast) is the perfect guy to make it weird because he’s hilarious, smart and has opinions for days. For days!! And he did a voice in Star Wars. C’mon. Please enjoy, weirdos!

[San Francisco’s Grep Proops has a charmed life as told to Pete Holmes. Kittens.]

You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes. Episode 6. Moshe Kasher. Download Link: Here

[Oakland’s Moshe Kasher gets deep in this conversation with Pete Holmes, and I don’t mean emotional or spiritual. Other topics include Moshe’s rave days, Pete’s over-analysis of sex and Star Trek]