Podcast: Zum Podcast with George Chen. Episode 17 - Eric Cash. Download Link: Here. iTunes: Here. Official Link: Here

Comedian Eric Cash had a pretty eclectic past as astreet performercircus ringleader, and punk singer before arriving at his current craft. We talk about his life bouncing around the US with a crew of tattooed, vomiting, and drugged out clowns, berating SF tourists, shooting apples off people’s heads Burroughs-style, painting on boobs in New Orleans, and how punk and comedy come to cross purposes. This past year his personal life has been in tragic upheaval. If you can imagine going through the darkest time of your life and getting on the mic in the midst of it, you have some inkling of the intensity and dedication he channels. He’sworking on his first album (recording it at Stagewerx in SF on these dates) while also starring as a super villain in a Batgirl fan web series, appearing at San Francisco’s first Comedy and Burrito Festival October 11-13th, and burning up the twittersphere. (You know it’s a good show when the stuff I left on the cutting room floor includes stories about sneaking into gigs as Eyehategod’s roadie.)