Podcast: The Champs featuring Neal Brennan, Moshe Kasher and DJ Dougpound. Episode 60. Aisha Tyler. Download Link: 

Here. iTunes: Here. Official Link: Here.

The new host of “Who’s Line is it, Anyway” sits down with the Champs to discuss bombing onstage, marrying her ex-boyfriend’s best friend, and being a black girl at an Ivy League school.

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Podcast: Girl on Guy w/ Aisha Tyler. Episode 88: W. Kamau Bell. Download Link: Here. iTunes: Here. Official Link: Here

join comedian w kamau bell and aisha as they saunter through expressing rage, avoiding cynicism, devastating afros, building an hour, magician strippers, saying things you don’t believe, the quicksand of porn, and eating it in Okinawa. plus kamau goes to the whiteboard and gets very, very personal. girl on guy wonders if this is racist.

Tyler (SF90s+Native) x Bell (SF00s). Very fun listen. 

Podcast: The Indoor Kids w/ Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon. Episode 79. w/ Aisha Tyler. Download Link: Here. ITunes: Here. Official Site: Here

Today Kumail and Emily welcome back to the show one of our favorite guests, the fast-talking, fast-thinking genius that is Aisha Tyler. We discuss the perils of fame, Aisha’s E3 experience, games she’s playing, and some of our favorite mental disorders.

Podcast: The Nerdist Podcast. Episode 243. Featuring Aisha Tyler and Chris Hardwick. Download Link: Here. iTunes: Here. Official Link: Here

The wonderful and hilarious Aisha Tyler returns to the show to talk and play video games with Chris and admit just how big a nerd she was as a kid!


Podcast: You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes. Episode 105. Aisha Tyler. Download Link: Here. iTunes: Here. Official Link: Here.

Aisha Tyler (holy cow! The Talk! Archer! Girl on Guy podcast!) is a pure delight and a weirdo treasure. Pete and Aisha had never met before, but hit it off immediately and got down to the weird, wonderful and silly, silly laugh fest that is the episode. Please enjoy, you weird, weird weirdos!

[San Francisco native, Aisha Tyler, makes splash with an impressive observance of “Yes, and”. Very fun episode.]

Aisha Tyler at the LA Podcast Festival by Scott Sutton

Aisha Tyler at the LA Podcast Festival by Scott Sutton

Girl on Guy Podcast w/ Aisha Tyler. Episode 55. Chuck Klosterman. Recorded Live from St. George Spirits in Alameda, CA. Download Link: Here. iTunes Link: Here. Official Link: Here

join rockstar journalist and music critic chuck klosterman and aisha live from st. george spirits as they muddle through midwestern isolation, the intimidation of panhandlers, the fear of introspection, the musicality of wasp, the horrors of self-reading, the problem of justin bieber, why haircuts are important, and how to pronounce sigur ros. plus, chuck hates, then loves the smiths, and aisha fears the beard. girl on guy stays metal.

Aisha Tyler. Comedian. SF Native. 

Aisha Tyler. Comedian. SF Native. 

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SF’s Aisha Tyler. “Kids”. Super Serious Show.

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Girl on Guy Podcast w/ Aisha Tyler. Episode 30. Margaret Cho. Download Link: Here.

[Two San Francisco natives/comedy superstars reminisce about high school, the Other Cafe, Sam Rockwell’s comedy career, body image issues, open marriages, and so much more.]