The Future w/ Emily Heller featuring Janeane Garofalo. Directed by Jorma Taccone

"'Sorry, I know you need that bone marrow transplant, but unfortunately Joe Pesci doesn't know anything about the Ming Dynasty'"

Jesse Elias on Celebrity Jeopardy’s inherent frivolity/misguidedness @ Pacific Pinball Museum [Paraphrase]

"I’m from the Middle East… Bay. Allahmeda."

— Inanc @ San Francisco Punch Line [Paraphrase]

Phyllis Diller (Bay Area Native) by Jason Mecier 

Phyllis Diller (Bay Area Native) by Jason Mecier 


Phyllis Diller singing “I Feel Pretty” on The Hollywood Palace in 1966

[Bay Area Legend]

Emily Heller by Dan Dion #365ComedianPortriats


At long last - another episode of my web series The Future!!! This one features the delightful Kenan Thompson!!! (by AboveAverageNetwork)

Courting Bridgetown: Podcast: Lady to Lady Episode 25. “Live in Portland” featuring Emily Heller. Hosted by Barbara Gray, Brandie Posey and Tess Barker. Download Link: Here. iTunes: Here. Official Link: Here

Emily Heller (@MrEmilyHeller) joins the ladies live in Portland during the Bridgetown Comedy Festival at Kenilworth Coffee. Produced by David Janove and Sean Green with The Cupcake Girls, theme song by Zach Ames.

[Another Native. Another great L2L.]


New episode of The Future featuring the amazing John Mulaney!!!!! (by AboveAverageNetwork)

Emily Heller on Conan