via Narrative.ly: “If you ask someone who works in comedy what is the most difficult part of being professionally funny, many, if not most of them, will tell you it’s the depression. I’m not saying all funny people are depressed, but having spent a lot of time with cartoonists, comedians and comedy writers over the past decade, I can assure you that the percentage of those struggling with depression is higher than average. My theory is that since the best comedy often springs from tragedy, cynicism, sarcasm and misanthropy, those who excel in comedy usually come from a background comprised of those events and character defects.”

Read/see more of this stuff I wrote about feelings on Narrative.ly

This is a baker’s dozen of some of my favorite clips from Totally Biased. When we did these pieces, I truly felt like we were making the kind of TV that I wanted to see. Obviously everybody on the show isn’t visibly represented or mentioned here but they all contributed jokes and ideas to the pieces on this this list. (Get their names on IMDB.) And this isn’t even close to everything that I loved on the show, but as far as I know, there’s no such thing as a baker’s 37.

[We’re still reeling from the cancelation of “Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell”. It wasn’t just entertainment bent on social justice (that shit that I like), it was a beacon of hope of being trusted with a show built upon a long-forged identity and voice. It’ll be interesting to see where everything falls for the largely Bay Area crew, but in the meantime, the captain of the ship has given a behind-the-scenes retrospective on some of his ultra-biased favorite moments.]

[A highly personal and pertinent piece of writing, exceptionally captures the contradictions of San Francisco, success, art, and survival. Good job, Eric Barry]  

Written by Jazmine Hill.

Check out Mary Van Note's killer combo of zombies and human rights. SuffRAGE!!!

[Written by Zaineb Mohammed]



Doing standup comedy is a weird thing.

It makes no sense at all because the number one thing you need to be a working comedian - even more than being funny - is persistence. Persistence, and hard work. And that’s the paradox. The real reason we do this is because we’re lazy…

[Awesome piece on this confounding world of comedy, told by one of my favorite peers: Wilder Shaw]

#SF80s. Written by Megh Wright

A cool interview with laughter-impresario, George Chen, about the jewel of the Mission, Lost Weekend Video. Written by Sjimon Gompers