Andre Parker breaks down a classic game… in an ingenious context.


New thing I wrote for Filmdrunk about quirky girl crap I am sick of in movies/tv. I tried to offer alternatives so if any if you make a film about a girl who sneezes constantly to discover the meaning of life, please pay me some of the millions you get.


[Deborah Thomasian goes deep with homeboy Moshe Kasher. I love its informative hyperbole.]

Anthony D’Alessandro paints a tale of native tiger, Emily Maya Mills, with focus to her newest show: God Hates Figs. Full of minutiae and support. Check it out! 

Jazmine Hill chats with Chris Thayer. The results are delightful. 

We Love Alex Koll – An Aside.

By 11:20 we are panicing. The typical Tuesday-night fecal-feature of “Shitprov" at Dirty Trix is interrupted by R. Kelly, being played by Drunk DJ. Some have come from Milk Bar, some have shifted from the neighboring Neck of The Woods, all have condensed to watch Alex Koll, beloved Bay-Area jokester, on Conan O’Brien. Yet, for some God-forsaken-sports-related reason, Dirty Trix’s satellite television is playing Eurotrip, a prepubescent abomination featuring the little girl from Harriet the Spy.

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