[A highly personal and pertinent piece of writing, exceptionally captures the contradictions of San Francisco, success, art, and survival. Good job, Eric Barry]  

Written by Jazmine Hill.

Check out Mary Van Note's killer combo of zombies and human rights. SuffRAGE!!!



Doing standup comedy is a weird thing.

It makes no sense at all because the number one thing you need to be a working comedian - even more than being funny - is persistence. Persistence, and hard work. And that’s the paradox. The real reason we do this is because we’re lazy…

[Awesome piece on this confounding world of comedy, told by one of my favorite peers: Wilder Shaw]

#SF80s. Written by Megh Wright

[An interesting essay on Bay Area’s own Mr. Williams. It’s a solid pondering (with cool vids and links) on why Robin isn’t more revered by peers, nerds and critics. Article written by Justin Gray]

A cool interview with laughter-impresario, George Chen, about the jewel of the Mission, Lost Weekend Video. Written by Sjimon Gompers