[Deborah Thomasian goes deep with homeboy Moshe Kasher. I love its informative hyperbole.]

Anthony D’Alessandro paints a tale of native tiger, Emily Maya Mills, with focus to her newest show: God Hates Figs. Full of minutiae and support. Check it out! 

Jazmine Hill chats with Chris Thayer. The results are delightful. 

We Love Alex Koll – An Aside.

By 11:20 we are panicing. The typical Tuesday-night fecal-feature of “Shitprov" at Dirty Trix is interrupted by R. Kelly, being played by Drunk DJ. Some have come from Milk Bar, some have shifted from the neighboring Neck of The Woods, all have condensed to watch Alex Koll, beloved Bay-Area jokester, on Conan O’Brien. Yet, for some God-forsaken-sports-related reason, Dirty Trix’s satellite television is playing Eurotrip, a prepubescent abomination featuring the little girl from Harriet the Spy.

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More Bay-love within poshpub, Esquire, as Kevin Camia gives the nod to Chris Garcia. Hopefully this game of local hot potato continues until we can eventually get national exposure for Danny Dechi

Robin Hardwick is doing us all a huge solid in her coverage of 2013’s SF Sketchfest, Check out her recent write-up of a revival performance of hysterical, post modern buffoonery from the minds of The State.

Favorite things are hard to find. It takes talent, determination and voice. All these qualities (and more) are featured in abundance at The Higgs Weldon, an online literary journal from the minds of long-time favorite, Robin Higgins, and new-time favorite, Paige Weldon. Not only is THW for those who want entertainment, it’s also an avenue for creativity, taking submissions as we speak! Check out pieces from Bay-sters Ivan Hernandez, OJ Patterson, and Miss Higgins herself. 

Comedian Kevin Camia, everyone’s favorite acerbic confectioner, gets love and favor from hilarious comedian/peer/professional best friend, Alex Koll. Quick, cool read. Curio Prevails!