Robin Hardwick is doing us all a huge solid in her coverage of 2013’s SF Sketchfest, Check out her recent write-up of a revival performance of hysterical, post modern buffoonery from the minds of The State.

Favorite things are hard to find. It takes talent, determination and voice. All these qualities (and more) are featured in abundance at The Higgs Weldon, an online literary journal from the minds of long-time favorite, Robin Higgins, and new-time favorite, Paige Weldon. Not only is THW for those who want entertainment, it’s also an avenue for creativity, taking submissions as we speak! Check out pieces from Bay-sters Ivan Hernandez, OJ Patterson, and Miss Higgins herself. 

Comedian Kevin Camia, everyone’s favorite acerbic confectioner, gets love and favor from hilarious comedian/peer/professional best friend, Alex Koll. Quick, cool read. Curio Prevails! 

HuffPostSF’s Vanessa Pinto shows some definite love to the formidable Caitlin Gill whilst describing her Willy Wonka (wanking) erotic fan fiction and regular ha-ha-habitats. 

Vanessa L. Pinto highlights Bay Area darling, Lynn Ruth Miller, from her pomp to her raunch (both of which is elegant and adorable). Follow the link for an extraordinary example of living a life worth living. 

George Chen, comedian-producer-raconteur, dictates a series of questions to a series of lauded comedians. The result is the geniune article: insightful, inventive and lush. Phenomenal work from Chen, Erin Conger and Angela May Chen. Enjoy.

Megh Wright writes as a succinct feature on the career of Bay Area’s prodigal prodigy, Dana Carvey, focusing heavily on his involvement with the monolithic Saturday Night Live. 


Comedy Bureau readership,

There is a big announcement about SF Sketchfest 2013 that’s coming up this Friday, but we’re sworn to secrecy by the binding agreement of a press release to not say anything else. That being said, we have read that press release and it’ll be some damn fine news if you…

KTVU: It sounds like a lot of notable comedians came from that scene, including Pete, Kumail Nanjiani, Matt Braunger. Do you think that there was something about that particular time, place, etc. that has produced this current crop of amazing stand ups? If not, why do you think so many of the people you started with are becoming popular comics?

Kinane: I think we all really cared about the craft and pushed each other to be creative and grow and write more. We didn’t worry about going on the road or booking gigs or making money. We figured all that would come in time, as long as we busted our ass writing and working on our acts. 

This is the first in a series in which we ask comedians about the comedians they enjoy. Here, friend of Esquire Jim Norton talks about Chelsea Peretti, who was most recently a writer for Parks and Recreation and has made guest appearances on Louie and The Sarah Silverman Program. 

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