Sketch Saturday: “Chelsea Peretti’s All My Exes: Lowell”. Featuring Jonathan Winters (RIP) and Chelsea Peretti (Native)

Berkeley x Oakland

Podcast: Call Chelsea Peretti. Episode 19. Moms, Tech People, Tragic Jackpots. Download Link: Here. iTunes: Here. Official Link: Here

Tchaiko returns to take calls with Chelsea. A guy who’s real into his gf calls. A lady who works at Yelp talks food. A son of a slumlord calls and does NBA-based sex-talk to CP over her signature music. Discussion of girls making the first move. Tchaiko and Chelsea interview their moms in Florida asking them your twitter Qs.

[Performing tonight, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow @ San Francisco Punch Line. Really hard to encapsulate her style in blog form, but her podcast is a good indicator of her flowing, forward style. But you already knew that.]

3/6-9. Chelsea Peretti, Randy Liedtke and Jules Posner at San Francisco Punch Line.
Happy Birthday, Chelsea Peretti. 
[Photo by Seth Olenick]

Happy Birthday, Chelsea Peretti

[Photo by Seth Olenick]


Hopefully, we’ll get to see more of Chelsea Peretti on screen instead of just having to replay her hilarious episode of Louie over and over in our heads.


Chelsea Peretti Is Guest Writing On SNL!


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Chelsea Peretti @ Meltdown by Atrossity Photography/Tyler Ross
[Oakland Native]