7/12-14. Jake Johannsen @ San Francisco Punch Line. 444 Battery St. SF. $18.50-$25. Featuring Chris Voth. More Information: Here. Tickets Available: Here.

[The lauded legend of San Francisco lore returns to the shore at the intimate SF Punch Line]

Greg Fitzsimmons (@GregFitzShow). Tonight @punchlinesf . 444 Battery St. SF. 8 & 10 PM. $20. Featuring Sean Keane (@LLCoolS) and Chris Voth (@chrisvoth)

[Three Way of Funny]

7/14-7/16. Greg Fitzsimmons @punchlinesf . 444 Battery St. SF. Featuring Chris Voth and Sean Keane.

[  :-{ ) (it has a mustache).  ]

Chris Voth. Performing tonight through 7/16 @punchlinesf . 444 Battery St. SF. Tonight with Sheng Wang, the rest with Greg Fitzsimmons. More Information: Here.

[This guy is really funny. Cascading, underhanded and understated comedy.]