Courting Barbary: Morgan Murphy [14 Days Left]

CH Live: NYC - Morgan Murphy

Morgan Murphy proves that sometimes women can be the worst womanizers of all.

[There’s never enough Morgan Murphy. Last time she was in San Francisco proper was the San Francisco Comedy and Burrito Festival where she proved her majesty in frequent and full accord. There’s something novel about her energy and delivery and it should be fun to see her analyze/dissect the strange uniqueness of doing comedy at the Barbary exhibition.] 

11/9-12. Anthony Jeselnik @punchlinesf . 444 Battery St. SF. Featuring Kevin O’Shea. More Information: Here.

Women’s History Perspectives: Oakland native, Chelsea Peretti

Women’s History Perspectives: Morgan Murphy.

[I love this lady. I want to see more. I don’t live in New York or Los Angeles. Damn.]

Black History Perspectives: Baron Vaughn

[I love this guy. He has a large repertoire and a very theatrical range. I was bummed he didn’t get to talk much in “Black Dynamite” but I can’t wait for what he does in “Thugs: The Musical”. I look forward when I can watch him live, until then I’ll just watch my favorite clip of his (positioned above)].