Product Review: “50 Shades of Greg”


Greg Asdourian amuses himself. Every allusion or gotcha elicits an understated chortle. Whether apart of an audience’s flurry, or a solitary, trepid chuckle, Greg has a finger on the pulse…Greg’s pulse. It’s hard to describe: “jolly” is banal hack; “smug” is harshly critical; “cocksure” is too presumptuous of motives and mentality. There it is again. A hushed, appreciative assurance.

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Debuts are complex things. You don’t want to muff it up, you don’t want to overstep your limitations, you don’t want to have an epiphany in post-production. Of the innumerable concerns of producing an aural benchmark for being a comedian, the only real one should be: am I funny in large doses. That’s why I dig this Indiegogo campaign. Anything that allows the comedians I enjoy to feel relief in pursuing their goals, gets a big swell of support from yours truly. Check out the link, donate what you can, have a nice day.]

"Cat in Heat" by Ellen DeGeneres (SF80s). Album: Taste This. Year: 1996. 

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