"Seattle Put Me On Antidepressants" by Derek Sheen. Filmed Live at Stage Werx in SF. (via rooftopcomedy)

"Comedian Lance Woods Gets Attacked By LeBron James Heckler OMG!" by Lance Woods

[This is one of the funniest things in while. Perfectly captures the times, the culture of a hood room, how to handle hecklers, and how comedians are vulnerable to attack and intimidation… “Security ain’t shit!”]

Bill Burr on his dad.


heyDads | Patton Oswalt (SF90s) Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time “I Am A Great Dad”
(c) 2014


knowyournatives: Ali Wong

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"I have a World Cup joke that never works but I’m going to tell it anyway: Italians are known for being great actors—Robert De Niro, Al Pacino. You know why? They grew up playing soccer. [Tepid response] That’s going to kill in Europe."

Samson Koletkar @ The Washington Inn [Paraphrase]

Sketch Saturday: “Fall Fashion” by Jesse Fernandez

"Outback Steakhouse: Australian for Applebee’s"

— Dr. Brian King @ The Washington Inn [Paraphrase]

Shanti Charan & Joey Guila @ Tommy T’s Comedy Club in Pleasanton

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Sketch Saturday: Bob Bondle Motors: A Handshake for Every Customer! by Cake Fight. Featuring David Cairns