Kickstarter: Art Poster For The 2014 Bridgetown Comedy Festival by Danny Felts ( dannyfelts )

The Bridgetown Comedy Festival is a stand up comedy festival that happens every year on the east side of Portland, OR. It’s been regarded as one of the most fun comedy festivals in the country, it’s featured a swath of talent so varied it’s hard to keep up with how funny they are, and every year I wonder why there’s never been a screenprinted poster for the damn thing. As a comic/amatuer graphic designer it’s been my goal for the last 3 years or so to get a poster made for the festival, and now it’s actually happening.

[Take a gander at this fucking crowdsource. My far-out buddy—and ultra funny comedian, performing here in the Bay on 5/29-30—is trying to raise the BARE MINIMUM for a screen printing project. It’s only asking $500, with 13 Days left. It’s a no-brainer that this ish is getting funded. If everybody that followed this blog donated the minimum dollar, it would double this project’s budget—and be way more than I’ve ever made on my writing. AT THE VERY LEAST, watch the video that Danny made because it’s clever, charming and cool. 

P.S. I’m waiting til there’s 5 days left to contribute because I’m 1. a procrastinator and 2. waiting to get my cake up. But look above at how awesome this poster is! I’m gonna buy a frame!]

I full-heartedly support this campaign. These people have opened my eyes to the beauty of Northest California, all the while accommodating my degeneracy. Savage Henry have a piece of my heart and I want everybody to know, share, and give what they can. Can they raise $10,000 in 5 Days? Only if YOU believe… (and contribute)!

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