"Semi-Famous" Episode 1 — "Casting" from Semi Famous on Vimeo.

This post is on behalf of good-sirs Wilder Shaw and Ezra Edmond, who are in the midst of a crowdsourcing campaign for a web mini-series with a lot of heart and a lot of—metaphorical—balls. I love these guys, I love this project, and I love metanarratives: it’s a project about following your dreams, in the midst of the creators following theirs!:

Why do you need so many munnies?

We shot the first two episodes out of our own pockets and nearly bankrupted ourselves.  To make the next eight episodes and finish Season 1’s story, we need some of your hard-earned American dollhairs.

"But how could you need so much money for just a simple web-series?"

Good question, passing glancer!  I’ll tell ya.

We budgeted each episode at about 3k - some a little more, some a little less.  This money goes to cameras, lights, sound equipment, makeup equipment, hard drives to store footage on, props, costumes, food, the ever expensive monster that is post-production, and all the other goodies of filmmaking.  We’d also love to pay our cast and crew a little something for their dedication and hard work.

Take a look at our perks!  We hope you like at least one of them.  Preferably the most expensive one.

Check out the first two episodes and support the good work.

– OJ Patterson, Tin Level Contributor

Kickstarter: Art Poster For The 2014 Bridgetown Comedy Festival by Danny Felts ( dannyfelts )

The Bridgetown Comedy Festival is a stand up comedy festival that happens every year on the east side of Portland, OR. It’s been regarded as one of the most fun comedy festivals in the country, it’s featured a swath of talent so varied it’s hard to keep up with how funny they are, and every year I wonder why there’s never been a screenprinted poster for the damn thing. As a comic/amatuer graphic designer it’s been my goal for the last 3 years or so to get a poster made for the festival, and now it’s actually happening.

[Take a gander at this fucking crowdsource. My far-out buddy—and ultra funny comedian, performing here in the Bay on 5/29-30—is trying to raise the BARE MINIMUM for a screen printing project. It’s only asking $500, with 13 Days left. It’s a no-brainer that this ish is getting funded. If everybody that followed this blog donated the minimum dollar, it would double this project’s budget—and be way more than I’ve ever made on my writing. AT THE VERY LEAST, watch the video that Danny made because it’s clever, charming and cool. 

P.S. I’m waiting til there’s 5 days left to contribute because I’m 1. a procrastinator and 2. waiting to get my cake up. But look above at how awesome this poster is! I’m gonna buy a frame!]

Debuts are complex things. You don’t want to muff it up, you don’t want to overstep your limitations, you don’t want to have an epiphany in post-production. Of the innumerable concerns of producing an aural benchmark for being a comedian, the only real one should be: am I funny in large doses. That’s why I dig this Indiegogo campaign. Anything that allows the comedians I enjoy to feel relief in pursuing their goals, gets a big swell of support from yours truly. Check out the link, donate what you can, have a nice day.]