Boy I do not like seeing myself transcribed. Do I exclusively speak in run on sentences? Anyway here’s an article about a house show in Davis I’m hosting in exactly a week. Be there.

[This is hilarious. I love how rigid the writing is and that majors are named like government positions or royal monikers. Go check out Cella and Weiand host the shit out of my favorite comedy show environment.]

"My friend said, “You should really read ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’.” I told him, “You should read it again”"

— Mike Cella @ Fucking Funny [Paraphrase]

Mike Cella and Michael Taber, of Fucking Funny, keep it 100 on their radiophonic exploration of local comedy through interviews and performance. Added bonus: the hilarious John Ross is hilarious. Check it out. 

Show Review: Fucking Funny (1/18/2013)

House shows are the best shows. Every time the elegant edifice of modern comedy is torn from it’s standard, swarmy platforms — bars, clubs, theaters — and moved to naturalistic, “acoustic” settings, the best of the medium infuses with the luxury of living [rooms]. They are a temporal hybrid of contemporary DIY, boundless work ethic and the risque bawdiness of party record listening parties circa 1970s. These culture clusters’ significance are inasmuch undetermined and largely undocumented. Underground, tantalizing, scandalous, pivotal: parlors of the BYOBrood, with low expectations and high anticipation, are the gunpowder for unbelievably special moments within uncanny circumstance.

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"I met my girlfriend at an orgy. She showed up late, I came early."

— Gasper Bernal @ Davis House Party [Paraphrase]

Another View From the Stage. Davis House Show. 

Another View From the Stage. Davis House Show.