RSS: Random Street Stories (Episode 003) by AbstrktVolcano (aka William Head) featuring Josh Argyle, Brandon Stokes and Chris Duncan

RSS: Random Street Stories is a collaborative documentary film series by William Head, which combines the story-telling talents and personalities of the San Francisco comedy scene with featured musicians and djs from around the world. Filmed & edited by William Head for AbstrktVolcanoFilm.

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Episode 003 

3.10 - 3.14.14 / Haight St., Folsom St.

Comedian Brandon Stokes describes his days as a wayward youth. Comedian Josh Argyle relives his worst day in the custodial arts. Comedian Chris Duncan recounts a particularly interesting experience as a Lyft driver.

Music by Soto the Zen Master

Selected Tracks (in order): Can’t Be Alone / A Cup of Tea / Def Center / I Remember Clifford


Currently Watching: “Shut Up, Little Man! An Audio Misadventure” a documentary about a little piece of our great city that went viral in the 80s for its outlandish gush. It is effectively artistic, fluid and inspiring. Watch it on Netflix.

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Whoopi Goldberg (SF70s) Presents Moms Mabley[Trailer]

[I want to have viewing parties with comedy nerds for this documentary. So many legends talking about THE legend, great archival footage, and an insanely revealing. I love love love this. Find it, check it, spread it.]


Four years of indie variety show goodness in under 14 minutes.  Featuring special appearances by Abby Martin, Laurie Kilmartin, and Doug Benson.  

Welcome to my life’s work.  

The Crisman Show Tiny Documentary (NSFW) (by Sarah Crisman)

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Help Kickstart “The Committee: A Secret History of American Comedy”. A Documentary by San Francisco Improv Festival.

The great untold story of American comedy - when the birth of modern improvisational theater met the tumult of the 1960’s.

Hanging Out with Chris Schiappacasse and Vahé Hova. Guest: Mike Spiegelman

Basement Legends [Full]. Written and Directed by Jabari Davis

Story of the Historical Purple Onion Comedy Club, and Producer/Comedian Jabari Davis’s intertwined fates.

(Available Until 4/24).

Rolling w/ Keith Lowell Jensen: Episode 7. The Five Day Run. Directed by Danielle Mandella. Cameos by Kevin O’Shea, Johnny Taylor, Alex Koll, Chazz Hawkins, Nick Aragon and Daniel Humbarger