Rolling w/ Keith Lowell Jensen: Episode 6. The Stanhope Violation. Directed by Danielle Mandella.

Keith gets Violated after opening for Doug Stanhope in San Jose, CA.


Here’s a short documentary I did for my editing and motion picture language classes. I interviewed some aspiring comedians and one working stand up about what comedy means to them. I had the opportunity to call Brent Weinbach for an interview, I talked to Allan McLeod over Skype, and Chris Gethard was game (name dropper, what’s up), but something I’ve learned is that recording interviews over the internet is shit business. So I had to do without those, though I appreciate their willingness to help out, as well as several of you guys that I may have asked the assistance of. The assignment due dates came quick, so eventually, I decided to hunker down with the interviews I had, of which had A LOT of great material. My first rough cut was at about 15 minutes, though the assignment asked for only 5. It was a shame to cut it out, but hey, you have to kill babies, or something, I don’t know, writing and editing techniques are weird like that. So yes, it’s small and jumpy, because the interviewees really like to expand upon their subject, but what I did have time for, I feel is interesting and fun.

Also, this is not related to the Courting Comedy blog- I’m just an uninspired fuck who can’t think of a cool name on his own. Really though, check THAT blog out- it’s fantastic.

But yes, I hope you enjoy to some degree! I had fun making it, and maybe some day I’ll get to cut together a longer cut, with all those juicy “um”s and “uh”s. 

[I approve this student film].

Rolling w/ Keith Lowell Jensen: Episode 1. The Hustle. Directed by Danielle Mandella.


To Be Loved & To Be Understood, A Revealing Short Documentary About Patton Oswalt

[Patton Oswalt is SF90s and comedy virtuoso. Directed by Julien Nitzberg. Cameo by fellow SF90ist, Blaine Capatch.]

Basement Legends" Trailer, a film detailing the Jabari Davis and Associates movement, the history of San Francisco comedy and the last era of the original Purple Onion.

"Basement Legends" (excerpt), a documentary film about Jabari Davis and Associates @ The Purple Onion. 

Snob Theater: The Short Concert Film is a small dose of the atmosphere that was the monthly comedy variety show Snob Theater that ran for 2 years in San Francisco. The film stars Coree Spencer, Chris Thayer, Shanti Charan, Steven Pearl, Drennon Davis, Rick Overton, Debbie Neigher, and Laura and Anton of Foxtails Brigade. It’s produced and hosted by Shawn Robbins, and directed by Scott Oller.

Snob Theater started as a small monthly variety show at The Dark Room Theater in San Francisco’s gritty and historic Mission District. It blossomed into a critically acclaimed series and a unique outlet for the best comedians and musicians to pass through SF and perform smart and interesting material.

“The Factuary: ‘Scientology Explained (Again)’” featuring Guy Branum and Alex Koll (via Thrash Lab

“FAMOUS” by William Head. Featuring the Brainwash, Dirty Trix and the SF Comedy Scene.

(Source: farhaha)

“The Factuary: Why George Takei Matters” featuring Guy Branum and Alex Koll (via Thrash Lab