The Factuary: Dubstep Evolution featuring Guy Branum and Alex Koll (via Thrash Lab

Welcome to the Stage Episode 3 [Full]: “Comedy Competitions” featuring Pamela Ames-Radgowski and Janine Brito. Created by Pamela Ames-Radgowski, Loren Risker, and Daniel Jarvis.

[Amazing episode. A ton of cool cameos.]


Uploaded episode 2! Thanks Charles Orenthal James Patterson for doing this episode. Follow his tumblr at and if you enjoy this video please like and share and share it youtube.

Welcome To the Stage: Episode 3 Trailer. 5/19 Screening Information/Comedy Show Information: HERE

Cali Faces: Nina G

10/27. Tell Your Friends by @varnado @ Roxie Cinemas. 3117 16th Street. SF. 9:30 PM. $11. Advance Tickets: Here.

[Last day to catch this gem of a film. Tell your friends about “Tell Your Friends”]

10/23. Tell Your Friends by @varnado @ Roxie Cinemas. 3117 16th Street. SF. 12:30 PM. $11. Advance Tickets: Here.

[Double post! With good reason, this documentary is dope.]

San Francisco Documentary Festival. Film: Tell Your Friends. Director: Victor Varnado.  Showtimes: 10/23 (12:30 PM) and 10/27 (9:30 PM). Featuring Reggie Watts, Kurt Braunohler & Kristen Schaal, Christian Finnegan, Leo Allen, Rob Paravonian and Liam McEneaney.

[I had the happenstance pleasure to watch this movie last night at Roxie Theater in the Mission District. The movie documents one of New York’s best places for comedy, showcasing a variety of dangerously funny individuals. It should be a criminal misdemeanor to be as funny as the people in this feature. The concert is intersected with interviews from some of the world’s greatest humorists (i.e. Marc Maron, Paul F. Tompkins) detailing the tremendous highs of independent shows and the untold lows. Director Victor Varando, a hilarious comic in his own right, pays masterful tribute the pride of the comedy community. Every performance inspires additional applause, every laugh double tracked between time and space. This movie is a must see for any comedy nerd from the budding to ferocious. If you’re irked by laughter, need not appear. Go get it San Francisco!]

The Other Cafe Tribute by Fran Solomita

[This is crazy. I wish I had a Delorean or a telephone booth]

SF Weekly TV: Nato Green (w/Janine Brito)