Welcome To the Stage Episode 2 featuring Marcella Arguello, Dana LoVecchio, Sheila Bryson, Katie Compa and Pamela Ames. Runtime: 27 Minutes.

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Laughter Against the Machine: On Tour #1.

[Nato and Kamau’s Primary Misstep.]

@natogreen and @wkamaubell on the @WTFpod with @marcmaron to plug and raise money for the Laughter Against the Machine tour. Donate here: http://kck.st/mVy4kv

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Comedy Day Countdown: Comedy Day 1984 by. Mark Pitta. [14 Days]

[Bunch of legends hanging out backstage. Look for Dana Carvey and Bobcat Goldthwait]


Margaret Cho wants you to donate to our Kickstarter campaign too! Here’s her adorable video.


Comedy Day Countdown: Comedy Day 2010 by. Mark Pitta [49 Days]

[I enjoy the familiarity of everyone backstage, it’s like a family reunion]


Laughter Against the Machine (a group of comedians I am a part of) would like to tour this fall…and not only that, we’d like to tape our hi-jinx for a documentary about the state of America today. But we’re comics so…we’re broke (seriously, guys, I have a VERY demanding cat to feed.)

Please please please please help us out by donating to our cause: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2078067338/laughter-against-the-machine-a-tour-documentary

We’re offering some awesome rewards to anyone who donates but I’m also not above begging, or groveling, or embarrassing hazing rituals.

[Laughter Against the Machine Kickstarter: Support great comedy from great comedians who are also great people. You’ll feel better for doing so.]

Brian Copeland CBS 5 Profile

Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop Trailer

[Great heavens this movie is awesome. I watched it last night at the Lumiere Theater in San Francisco. If it’s playing in your town, go and watch. If not, wait for Netflix.]

San Francisco Night Life by. Edwin Li