“Elevator To: Space” - Episode 33: When elevator tensions run high, the only way to resolve them is through a swimming-pool-style showdown.

This is irresponsible. Somebody’s pride could have gotten hurt. 


Episode Thirty Two

Don’t fuck with Alex Koll.

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It’s Halloween video day! Next up is a special Halloween episode of “Elevator to Space.” Featuring a horse referee! What? 

This would have made a lot more sense to post a week ago but good Lord is this funny.

Elevator to Space: Episode 1

(Really sets a precedence for what’s to come).


In this new episode of “Elevator to Space,” the elenauts exchange words, and make a thrilling ornithological discovery.

Where did they get that news paper?


Episode 29 of “Elevator to Space.” In this episode, we explore the power dynamic of the elevator and man’s capacity for self-delusion as a form of self-protection.

YAY! Another episode of Elevator to Space. Watch for Keane’s theatrics at the end. Koll’s reaction is priceless.