Sketch Saturday: Elevator to Space Episode 26: Spiritualized. Featuring Louis Katz, Sean Keane, Alex Koll, and Chris Garcia. 

Elevator to Space: Episode 27 (Naysayer)

[Subtle Stubble]

Theme Songs, Covers and Other Wonders


Themes Songs, Covers and Other Wonders by djrealsmells

This is a collection of random theme songs, cover songs, and miscellaneous audio from the last 10 years. For more detailed info check out this link.

[B-Sides and Rarities. Every band has them. Of this lot of DJ Real material, I’m particularly fond of the Nine Inch Nails Parody, the JJ Shultz and Kevin Lamkins covers and the first theme for Jesse Fernandez]


NEW Elevator to: Space! Make sure to watch it all the way to the end. It’s my favorite episode so far! 

Elevator 2 Space Episode 40. 


NEW: Elevator To Space - Episode 39 - the Concert.

A Mega-Rockstar stops by to perform a special concert for the Elenauts… well most of them.

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[What a universal band concept.]


New “Elevator To: Space” is up. In this episode, we explore cultural differences, and the peculiar telecommunications properties of the elevator. Also, it is implied that I have turtle ancestry. A must-see!

[Chris really knows how to spike the lens.]

Elevator to Space Episode 37: Merry Christmas (I’m a bit late, but time has no bearing on relevance).



Episode Thirty Six

A special episode, written and recorded specifically for Hanukkah. L’Chaim!

Oh I get it. Chris is Cuban.

(Source: elevator2space)

Latest Elevator to Space: Episode 35 (Owl Dangers)

(Don’t blink.)


Elevator to: Thanksgiving!

It’s a very special episode, written and recorded specifically for Turkey Day. Watch it with the whole family, and stuff yourself with laughter.

Gobble Gobble