The Future w/ Emily Heller featuring Janeane Garofalo. Directed by Jorma Taccone

Alameda’s Emily Heller @ Comedy Palace by Sam Varela

Courting Barbary: Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction [8 Days Left]

[Everything is shaping up with a little more than a week until Outside Lands. Line-ups have been announced, tickets are gone, beer is being put into canisters. It is now perfectly clear that on August 10th, at 1:30pm, the most egregious depravity shall be on display in the form of the Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction. The concept is thusly: one group of comedians are given a random prompt culled from audience suggestion, which could be anything from Smurfs to the New Testament, and are given time to write a grossly hedonistic adaptation of the source material. While their writing, another group performs a pre-written piece of seminal sementality. Audience votes, the second group performs, audience votes, laughter abounds, and winners are crowned. What makes CEFF a crazy, unique spectacle is that nuclear-hot creativity is rendered dormant by the show’s end. The once-in-a-lifetime, guttural musings live only in the hearts of their primary beholder (or perhaps, podcast listeners). Nevertheless, it’s amazing to imagine such filth so early in the day. Cheers]

[Another year, another list. Varied veritable tastemakers always carve out a set of darlings, and Variety has always kept an ear to the ground, an antenna to the ether. No surprises, everybody on the list have been on the come up in their respective lanes for seemingly forever. Big shout out to hometown hero Emily Heller, a true native, for making the list. You can catch her headlining San Francisco’s Cynic Cave this Sunday, which, with stellar openers and unmatched atmosphere, promises to be some of the best comedy this Summer.]

7/21. Cynic Cave Presents Emily Heller @ Lost Weekend Video. 1038 Valencia St. SF. 7&9PM. $10. Featuring Sean Keane, Natasha Muse, David Gborie, Casey Ley and Kevin O’Shea.

7/21. Cynic Cave Presents Emily Heller @ Lost Weekend Video. 1038 Valencia St. SF. 7&9PM. $10. Featuring Sean Keane, Natasha Muse, David Gborie, Casey Ley and Kevin O’Shea.

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Podcast: Put Your Hands Together. Episode 28. Guy Branum (SF00s), Sheng Wang (SF00s), Mike Lawrence and Emily Heller (Native). Hosted by Cameron Esposito. Download Link: Here. iTunes: Here.

Amazing sets from Guy Branum, Sheng Wang, Mike Lawrence and Emily Heller. Cameos from Anthony Jeselnik and David Angelo, and your host Cameron Esposito.

Podcast: Baby Geniuses w/ Emily Heller (Native) and Lisa Hanawalt. Episode 43: Alex Koll (SF00s) & Amber Nelson. Download Link: Here. iTunes: Here. Official Link: Here.

Emily and Lisa pop back some cocktails to beat the heat, comedian Alex Koll describes what it means to be a balloonologist, and art education expert Kay Bill (Amber Nelson) wants to reign in her students’ projects, with potentially damning results.

Emily Heller by Dan Dion #365ComedianPortriats


At long last - another episode of my web series The Future!!! This one features the delightful Kenan Thompson!!! (by AboveAverageNetwork)

Courting Bridgetown: Podcast: Lady to Lady Episode 25. “Live in Portland” featuring Emily Heller. Hosted by Barbara Gray, Brandie Posey and Tess Barker. Download Link: Here. iTunes: Here. Official Link: Here

Emily Heller (@MrEmilyHeller) joins the ladies live in Portland during the Bridgetown Comedy Festival at Kenilworth Coffee. Produced by David Janove and Sean Green with The Cupcake Girls, theme song by Zach Ames.

[Another Native. Another great L2L.]