Munday Comedy News : (3/28/2011)

Deco Open Mic. 510 Larkin. SF. 7-9 PM. Contact tony.koester at gmail dot com for bookings. [Stay for Rue Paul’s Drag Race]

Nick’s Crispy Taco/The Rouge Open Mic with Travis Curry and Tony Sparks. 1500 Broadway. SF. Sign Ups: 9:00. Show: 9:30. Free [but buy some tacos].

Marga’s Funny Mondays @ The Marsh. 2120 Allston Way. Berkeley, CA. 8 PM. $10. (WOOF). Featuring Special Guest Janine Brito and 50 Buck Challengers: Mimi Vilmenay, Carolyn Hunt and Kenny Altman. Host: Marga Gomez. (More Information Link)

Club Deluxe. 1511 Haight St. SF. 9:00 PM. $5.

SFCC @ The Purple Onion. 140 Columbus Ave. SF. 7 PM. $6. 18+ Featuring the up and comers of the San Francisco Comedy College.

Nutty Monday’s Open Mic and Showcase @ The Stony Inn. 1320 Del Paso Blvd. Sacramento. Hosted by: Tristan Johnson. 

A Friday Night for Comedy: (3/25/2011)

The Other Cafe Showcase @ Freight and Salvage. 2020 Addison Street. Berkeley. 8 PM. $25. Featuring Don Gavin, Fred Durst, Johnny Steele, and Geoff Bolt. 

Jabari Davis and Associates presents Bradley Lum @ The Purple Onion. 140 Columbus Ave. SF. $20. 8 PM. Featuring Jacob Rubin, Jason Mack, Dennis Rodis, Matt Beagle, Loud Todd Maugh and Jabari Davis. Hosted by. Tony Sparks.

Jabari Davis and Associates presents Bryant Hicks @ The Purple Onion. 140 Columbus Ave. SF. 10 PM. $20. Featuring Papp Johnson, Clare O’Kane, Robin Higgins, Bobby Guap, Loud Todd Maugh, and Jabari Davis. Hosted: Tony Sparks.

Snob Theater @ The Dark Room Theater. 2263 Mission St. SF. Featuring Anita Drieseberg, Sammy K Obeid, Nato Green, and Sam Davidoff. Hosted by Shawn Robbins. 

Bay Area Sunday Comedy Live: (3/13/2011)

FAB Comedy’s #Winning @ The Mel-O-Dee Lounge. 240 El Cerrito Plz. El Cerrito. 8 PM. 21+. Free. Featuring Karinda Dobbins, OJ Patterson, Mimi Vilmenay, Keon Polee, Loren Kraut, Robin Higgins and Tony Sparks. Hosted by. Becky Wolf and Amy Miller. [I’m on this show. If that’s not enough incentive, this is a very strong line-up with a lot of  soul and inspiration. Admirable comedians all the way through.]

The Sylvan Something Something Shindig @ The Rockit Room. 406 Clement. SF. 8 PM. 21+. $5. Featuring Donny Divanian, Conrad Roth, Julian Vance, Kevin Munroe and more [If I weren’t performing I’d be a this show. Solid line-up of seasoned veterans on the top of their game (Conrad in particular has hit a new level in his material lately). Check it out if you’re in the City.]

Comedy @ The Continental Club. 1658 12th Street. Oakland. 8 PM. $5. 21+. 2 Drink Minimum. Featuring Rich Dreyling, David Gborie, Dash Kwiatkowski, Kelly Anneken, Jason Mack and more. [Great rising talent in Downtown Oakland. Get some vegan soul food and head on over.]

The Famous Sunday Showcase @ The Punchline. 444 Battery St. SF. 8 PM. $12. 18+ 2 Drink Minimum. Featuring premier San Francisco comedians. Hosted by. Big Al Gonzales. [The beauty is you never know who will go up, but you know that they’ll be amazing].

Wednesday Comedy News: 3/9/2011

New South Bay Open Mic @ Senzala. 250 East Java Drive. Sunnyvale. Sign-Ups: 9:15. Show: 9:30-12:30. Hosted by. Imran G. 

Mean Dave’s Mean Aloha Open Mic. 5 Masonic Ave. SF. Sign Ups: 9 PM. Show: 10 PM.

Stud Open Mic. 9th & Harrison St. 9 PM. Free. contact: studcomedy @ yahoo dot com for bookings (This show fills up with comedians very fast).

Ladies Night at the Brainwash. Hosted by Kristee Ono. Sign Ups: 7:30. Show: 8ish.(Always a good time. Female friendly. Girlfriend friendly?) 

Business @ Dark Room Theater. 2263 Mission Street. $5. 8 PM. Featuring Bucky Sinister and guests: Beth Stelling, Morgan, Kevin Handcock and Chris Thayer.

Beth Stelling visits The Business from Chicago, hoping to make San Francisco as a-flutter about her as her home town is. She was named the Best Stand-up Comedian by The Chicago Reader, The Chicago Tribune has listed her as a “Comedian to Watch” and she’s the youngest comic listed on’s “Top 20 Stand-up Comedians in Chicago”. All this while stealing the show at Just For Laughs Chicago and running a popular show called “Entertaining Julia”

Just Morgan (not to be confused with championship skimboarder Morgan Just) is in her own words “A 58 year old transgendered woman just telling the truth…” And what truth it is. Morgan is a favorite at Harvey’s in the Castro, the Lookout, and she was recently featured at the very popular “Fags n Hags” show at the SF Punchline.

Returning to the Business is everyone’s favorite Marshmallow Peep enthusiast Kevin Hancock. Kevin has been around the SF Comedy scene for years. He works all the major clubs in town (The Gold Club, The Cat Club, The Hot Sauce of the Month Club), and is the host of “Pretty Good Not Much” a very funny radio program on Pirate Cat Radio.

…and with Alex traveling around the country with the next month or so like a modern day Johnny Joke-seed, The Business is proud to bring on Chris Thayer as his “understudy.” Thayer is also no stranger to the Business, making memorable past appearances that have endeared him to us all in a skinny, creepy way.

As always, The Business is totally five bucks, totally at 8pm and totally not BYOB anymore, but totally get your taco on across the street. Totally

Big Al’s Big Ass Comedy Show @ The San Jose Improv. 65 S. 2nd St. San Jose. 8 PM. $12. 18+. 2 Drink Minimum. Featuring Big Worm, Bruce Burton, Geo Belaski, and headliner Ngaio Bealum. Hosted by. Big Al Gonzales.

Rooftop’s 2011 National College Comedy Competition Stanford vs. Cal @ The Purple Onion. 140 Columbus. 18+. $5. Hosted Chris Garcia. [An age old regional rivalry exploding at the most historic standing venue in San Francisco comedy. I have more friends on the CAL side so GO CAL!]

Comedy Wednesday @ George’s. 842 4th Street. San Rafael. 8 PM. $10. Featuring Ellis Rodriguez and Trenton Davis. 

Wednesday Night Comedy @ Masses Sports Bar and Grill. 2721 North Main St. Walnut Creek. 9 PM. 21+. No Cover. Featuring Candy Churilla, Armando Ramirez, Ben Feldman and more. Hosted by Greg Asdourian. 

Who Got Jokes @ Karibean City. 1408 Webster St. Oakland. 21+. 10 PM. $10. Dress code enforced. Featuring Esha da Truth, Gina Ritter, T’Kia and Whoadi The Shot Caller. 

Tonight: Jabari Davis and Associates @ The Purple Onion

140 Columbus Ave. SF. Two Shows: 8 PM & 10 PM. Featuring Andrew Holmgren, Becky Wolf, Amy Miller, Sam Hunt, Keon Polee, Dash Kwiatkowski and more… Hosted by Tony Sparks. Headliners: Dennis Ivarsson and Trevor Hill. Blessed by Jabari Davis.

Wednesday Comedy News: 2/23/2011

Mean Dave’s Mean Aloha Open Mic. 5 Masonic Ave. SF. Sign Ups: 9 PM. Show: 10 PM.

Stud Open Mic. 9th & Harrison St. 9 PM. Free. contact: studcomedy @ yahoo dot com for bookings (This show fills up with comedians very fast).

Ladies Night at the Brainwash. Hosted by Kristee Ono. Sign Ups: 7:30. Show: 8ish. (Always a good time. Female friendly. Girlfriend friendly?) 

Business @ Dark Room Theater. 2263 Mission Street. $5. 8 PM. 

Special guests abound tonight at The Biz! From Philadelphia, we’ve got Conrad Roth, AKA, The Comic of Brotherly Love. From Portland, we’ve got Philip Schallberger, AKA, The Comic of Many Bridges and Bicycles. And we’ve got Cat Nip, who won a Best of the Bay award for best karaoke singing cats in silly outfits. If that weren’t enough we’ve got Chris Garcia, Sean Keane, and a bunch of amazing videos, plus direct proximity to Cancun Taqueria. 

Not to be missed, San Francisco! Not. To. Be. Missed.

Five-dollar show, 8 PM, BYO-Quesadilla suiza.

Comedy @ The Purple Onion. 140 Columbus Ave. SF. Two Shows: 7:00 and 9:00 PM. $7-$10 (See below). Featuring Jacob Rubin, Rich Dreyling, Liz Stone, Ivan Hernandez, and more (See below). Hosted by. Jason Mack. [photo by. Red Scott]

Come out to an awesome showcase at the Purple Onion. Run and promoted by the comedians themselves! Which is a nice way of saying Jason Mack got lazy this time and didn’t want to be bothered with serious promotional work.

And it’s actually two awesome showcases. Deal with it.



TJ Kelsall

Jeff McBride

Jacob Rubin

Zach Garner (Critics have said, “I thought he would be taller in person.”)

Jason Mack

Ivan Hernandez (Nerds Comedy Tour)

Hosted by Ryan Cronin (Nightlife on Mars and

With headliner, Rachel McDowell (Winner of 2009 Castagnola’s Walk the Plank Competition and 2010 Bunjo’s Killer Laughs Competition)



Jason Stowe (San Jose Improv)

Liz Stone (Regular at The Purple Onion)

Paul Green (San Jose Improv)

Rich Dreyling (Awesome social commentator and generally brilliant fool.

Layla Baird (She’s from San Jose)

Sammy K Obeid (Top 3 SF International Comedy Competition)

Hosted by Jason Mack

With headliner Sal Calanni (NBC; Sal and Angelo podcast;


Price: $7 in advance, $10 at the door. Get your tickets early here:

PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY TO ENSURE PARKING AND SEATING. There are two parking garages a few feet away, but take note of when they close. Montgomery St. BART is ~12 minute walk, and there is (sometimes hard to find) street parking.

KO Comedy @ Tommy T’s. 5104 Hopyard Rd. Pleasanton. Featuring Justin Harrison, Chase Perdue, Sammy O’Beid, Kabeezy. Headliner: Greg Asdourian. [Off to the races in the East Bay]

Saturday Comedy Nuws 2/19/2011

The People’s Republic of Improv @ The 9th St. Film Center. 145 9th St. SF. 8 PM. $5. Also featuring Open Improv All-Stars. [I’ve performed with these guys, eaten tacos with these guys and been on the road with these guys. Trust me, these gentlemen are ace.]

The Khara and Iris Variety Show @ The Triple Crown. 1760 Market St. SF. 5:30-8:00 pm. $5. Featuring iLs Goldbarg, Coree Spencer, Nicole Turley, Will Hatcher and more. Hosted by Khara Cara and Iris Weiss. [Lovely Ladies ahoy. And Yung Dick. High contrast.]

Tony Sparks’ Dig These Apples @ The 7 Mile Club. Brisbane, CA. 8 PM. 21+. No Cover. Featuring Chris Garcia, Kristee Ono, Priya Prasad, Phillip Watson. [Some very capable comedians on the bill with some special guests that will surely impress. Cool crowds and great food.]

Open Mic: 800 Larkin. SF. 6 PM. Special Host: Andrew Roberts. [With Andrew, it might actually be cohesive when people are introduced.]

Joe DeRosa @ The Punchline. 444 Battery St. SF. $20. +18. Two Shows: 8 pm and 10 pm. Also featuring Sammy Obied and Joe Mande. 

Kevin Nealon @ Cobb’s Comedy Club. 915 Columbus Ave. SF. 2 Drink Minimum. $27.50. 18+ Two Show. 8 PM. & 10:15 PM. 

Friday Comedy News 2/18/2011

Do The Damn Thing Comedy Night @ ARK 221. 221 11th St. SF. Stand-Up, Improv, Music. Featuring Will “Yung D*ck” Hatcher, Mimi Vilmenay, Kaseem Bentley, Conrad Roth, Donny Divanian and more. Co-hosted by Misha Trubs and Rick Camacho. [This Thing Will be Packed to the Gills and we don’t even have gills.]

Snob Theater @ The Dark Room Theater. 2263 Mission St. SF. $10. 10 PM. Featuring Joey Bragg, Ivan Hernandez, Casey Ley and Janine Brito. Hosted by Shawn Robbins. [This is a deep Venn diagram of Cuban, nerd, glasses, homosexuality, and great comedy.]

Joe DeRosa @ The Punchline. 444 Battery St. SF. $20. +18. Also featuring Sammy Obied and Joe Mande. 

Kevin Nealon @ Cobb’s Comedy Club. 915 Columbus Ave. SF. 2 Drink Minimum. $27.50. 18+

Friday Comedy News 2/11/2011. Bonkers.

People’s Republic of Improv @ 9th St. Film Center. 145 Ninth St. SF. 8 PM. $5. [PRI is the premier improv group out of the Sylvan Open Tuesdays. They’re providing a great service for you comrade.]

jericho! Comedy @ UC Berkeley. 101 Moffitt. Berkeley. $1. 8 PM. [The Golden Bear Kids are back for their 2011 Spring Semester with new members but the same prestigious comedy chemistry.]

Snob Theater @ Noise Pop. Fifty24SF Building. 218 Fillmore St. SF. $10. 8 PM. Featuring Coree Spencer, Donny Divanian, DJ REAL, Rainbow Chair, Ash Reiter, Phantom Kicks. Hosted by. Shawn Robbins. [Big line-up for the only comedy show at Noise Pop.]

Real Talk w/ Ali Wong @ The Dark Room Theater. 2263 Mission St. SF. 10 pm. $10. [A live run of Ali Wong’s new talk show].

Dave Chappelle @ Cobb’s Comedy Club. 915 Columbus St. SF. Two Show: 8 PM and 10 PM. $55. 18+. Tickets go on sale @ 10 am. this morning via Live Nation. [Dave has been selling out venues in the Bay all week long. Catch him before he disappears.]

Dana Gould @ The Punchline. 444 Battery. SF. Two Shows: 8 pm & 10 pm. Also Featuring Brendan Lynch and Nikki Glaser.

Tues Clues, Comedy News (12/14/2010)

Big Al’s Big Ass Comedy Show @ The Punchline. 444 Battery St. 8 PM. 18+. $15. Featuring Josef Anolin, Justin Harrison, Greg Asdourian, David Gborie, and headliner Casey Ley. Hosted by Big Al Gonzalez (A really cool showcase. Everybody I’ve worked with before and are very talented, laid back comedians. The biggest story here is that of David Gborie who continues his meteoric rise on the scene)


Kevin Camia @ The Purple Onion. 140 Columbus Ave. 8:30 pm. $10. Featuring Daymon Ferguson, Ivan Hernandez, Red Scott and headliner Kevin Camia. Hosted by Vladamir Khlynin. Tickets Available: HERE (Historic venue featuring phenomenal comedians. Ivan has been on a riffing tear as of late, and Vlad will surely bring a different type of hosting energy to the show.)

High Street Station Cafe. 1303 High Street. Alameda, CA. 7:30 PM. $5. Featuring Ryan Cronin, Natasha Muse and Sandy Stec. Hosted by. Tom Anderson

BE FUNNY open mic @ The New Parish. 579 18th St. Oakland, CA. Sign Ups @ 7 PM. Show @ 8 PM. Organized by. Bryant Hicks. Hosted by. Christopher Riggins. (It will be my first time at the New Parish tonight. All new bit as well. )

Rockit Room Open Mic. 406 Clement St. SF. 7:30-10 PM. Free 99. (Pencils!)

SYLVAN OPEN IMPROV. 7:30 PM. Dark Room Theater. 2263 Mission St. SF. Free.99 (Always a good time whilst thinking on one’s feet)

Blue Room @ Club 93 (on 9th St.). 10-12 P.M. 21+. SF. Hosted by David Hawkins. (Big comic hang out. Late, late nights).

Wharf Room Comedy Showcase. Castagnola’s. 286 Jefferson St. SF. 8 PM. $5. Featuring Chantel Williams, Max Curry, Kazumi Kusano, Amir Malekpour. (One of the last shows at the Wharf for the year before holiday hiatus.)

Layover Comedy. 1517 Franklin. Oakland. 8:30. 21+. No Cover. Hosted by Mike Spiegelman. Featuring John Hoogasian, Harmon Leon, Nicole Turney, Miles K., Veronica Porras, and Liz White Salk. (John Hoogasian everybody. Enough said, Booyah. )