"No Budget" is the newest audio masterpiece from comedian Will Hatcher (SF00s). Financed on a budget on $2, No Budget is one of the cost effective albums of the year. On “No Budget”, Hatcher dives deep into his emotional waters and comes out with a golden orb of heartfelt songs such as “How u Want Ur Toes Sucked” and “Cake Will Make Her Shake” that are sure to leave his fans mesmerized.

Sketch Saturday: “Just Hold On, Scandal’s On (Drake - Hold On, We’re Going Home Parody)” by Will Hatcher (#SF00s)

Sketch Saturday: “Ratchet Love Me (Lil Wayne - Love Me Parody)” by Willie Dynamite (Will Hatcher). 

Infantile: Ivan Hernandez

Infantile: Ivan Hernandez

"Young Love (I Love Me Too) by. Yung Dick


Red and Yellow (Wiz Khalifa Parody) (Black and Yellow McDonalds Parody) By: Adam Ivy. Directed by Willie “Dynamite” Hatcher

Before Ivan Hernandez arrived in the Bay Area, he audition for a certain sketch comedy show. (Featuring: Jazz inserts and Post Production humor)