Matt Lieb and Audience in... Pretty Big

  • Matt Lieb: I may not be the funniest comic but I will be the tallest comic...
  • Audience Member: I don't know! That black guy [OJ Patterson] was pretty big!


Audiences Are Fickle!

Sometimes audiences aren’t sure what to think of my DJ REAL act. This is the most extreme example.


SF Comic’s comic, Brendan Lynch, meets his heckling-equal: B. Smooth AKA “the Bill Hicks of Hecklers.”

Wondrous times were had.

Queenie TT handles a heckler @ Oakland Layover 

Molly Sokham and Audience in... Hollertosis

  • Molly Sokham: I was at the 99-cent store and some guy tried to holler at me.
  • Audience Member: Holler or Holla?
  • Molly Sokham: Yeah, he tried to holler, he tried to talk to me.
  • Audience Member: But did he holla, or did he holler?
  • Molly Sokham: ... FUCK YOU!
"Make me laugh!"

— A heckle from a heckler @ Black Repertory Theater

"Leave me alone you big ass bully. You’re the reason gay people kill themselves in record numbers."

— Travis Curry at a big-time, big-body heckler @ Tommy T’s Showroom 

Sacramento’s Mike E. Winfield and the Sleeping “Heckler”

(Source: iheartchaos, via keenanbakercomedy)


[Rachel Swan with another awesome piece on the stand-up lifestyle.] 

Arj Barker vs. Heckler.