Basement Legends [Full]. Written and Directed by Jabari Davis

Story of the Historical Purple Onion Comedy Club, and Producer/Comedian Jabari Davis’s intertwined fates.

(Available Until 4/24).

Funny or Die premiers iSteve, a feature-length comedic biopic about the Bay Area’s perfectionist technoczar starring Justin Long and Jorge Garcia. Check it out!

iSteve Exclusive Teaser Trailer from iSteve


San Francisco Comedy Sampler

From the Holy City Zoo (Ha ha a Go Go) 1985

This indie production features Mike Ferrucci, Nora Dunn, Marty Higgins, Steve Kravitz, Rob Becker, Susan Healey, Larry “Bubbles” Brown.

Good to see that Stockton is still a punchline for the Bay Area comedy scene.

Inside the Holy City Zoo by James Owens

Inside the Holy City Zoo by James Owens

Speech Therapy/iL Pirata alums. 

Speech Therapy/iL Pirata alums. 

Basement Legends" Trailer, a film detailing the Jabari Davis and Associates movement, the history of San Francisco comedy and the last era of the original Purple Onion.

Sketch Saturday: “Historically Awkward: John Hancock” by Grant Lyon (SF) and Andy Peters. 

“The Factuary: Barack Obama’s Historical Achievements?” featuring Guy Branum and Alex Koll (via Thrash Lab) 

San Francisco Comedy Rooms by Edwin Li