Be A Man, Go To The Gym Official Music Video by Doctor Striker

[I love how brazen this guy is]

Own a piece of Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits, the world’s greatest humorist band, with two books available at Microcosm Publishing.

[With the holidays coming around the corner, this is the perfect gift for that special somebody who’s into the uber-indie and extra peculiar.]

Snob Theater: The Short Concert Film is a small dose of the atmosphere that was the monthly comedy variety show Snob Theater that ran for 2 years in San Francisco. The film stars Coree Spencer, Chris Thayer, Shanti Charan, Steven Pearl, Drennon Davis, Rick Overton, Debbie Neigher, and Laura and Anton of Foxtails Brigade. It’s produced and hosted by Shawn Robbins, and directed by Scott Oller.

Snob Theater started as a small monthly variety show at The Dark Room Theater in San Francisco’s gritty and historic Mission District. It blossomed into a critically acclaimed series and a unique outlet for the best comedians and musicians to pass through SF and perform smart and interesting material.