Debuts are complex things. You don’t want to muff it up, you don’t want to overstep your limitations, you don’t want to have an epiphany in post-production. Of the innumerable concerns of producing an aural benchmark for being a comedian, the only real one should be: am I funny in large doses. That’s why I dig this Indiegogo campaign. Anything that allows the comedians I enjoy to feel relief in pursuing their goals, gets a big swell of support from yours truly. Check out the link, donate what you can, have a nice day.]

[Art, the most vital, engaging, fulfilling  social and cultural cornerstone we have, is hard to maintain. Even if you excel far beyond your wildest dreams creatively and professionally, there is an ever thin line between continuing and disbanding. This holds true to our friends, Bobby Joe Ebola & The Children MacNuggits, a Bay Area power-trust of the catchiest, most sincere musical satire currently available ANYWHERE. Their prolific reemergence has come at great personal sacrifice and has reached a tipping point. They can not continue without explicit financial support. I implore you to at least check out their story and contribute what you can because their work makes this blog, this region and this world a better place. 

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Anna and Joey need help getting to Cannes.

Stepsister fundraiser.