American False Idol by. Louis Katz. Featuring Alex Koll, Brent Weinbach and Jasper Redd


New “Elevator To: Space” is up. In this episode, we explore cultural differences, and the peculiar telecommunications properties of the elevator. Also, it is implied that I have turtle ancestry. A must-see!

[Chris really knows how to spike the lens.]

Louis Katz Valentine Day Message

[If Safeway can put up pink heart bears. I can put up red Jewish anger.]

Elevator to Space Episode 37: Merry Christmas (I’m a bit late, but time has no bearing on relevance).



Episode Thirty Six

A special episode, written and recorded specifically for Hanukkah. L’Chaim!

Oh I get it. Chris is Cuban.

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From the mind of Louis Katz

Latest Elevator to Space: Episode 35 (Owl Dangers)

(Don’t blink.)


Elevator to: Thanksgiving!

It’s a very special episode, written and recorded specifically for Turkey Day. Watch it with the whole family, and stuff yourself with laughter.

Gobble Gobble


“Elevator To: Space” - Episode 33: When elevator tensions run high, the only way to resolve them is through a swimming-pool-style showdown.

This is irresponsible. Somebody’s pride could have gotten hurt. 


Episode Thirty Two

Don’t fuck with Alex Koll.

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