Sketch Sunday: “Ugly Revenge” by Louis CK featuring Ron Lynch (SF90s), Amy Poehler and JB Smoove.

Feature: If Comedians Were Sex Toys

Sex and comedy are symbiotic bedfellows. Many comedians are martyrs for coitus’ often ridiculous trappings, spinning observational gold the night after the morning after.

When you bring in sex toys, things are liable to get even more funny, because really, who doesn’t enjoy a good 14 inch dildo joke? Even grandma gets down, right? At least on the jokes (hopefully). 

So as an homage to comedy and well, sex toys, I thought it would be fun to actually compare famous comedians to sex toys. Can you guess who’s going to be the 14incher?

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Favorite Things of Last Night: “Hello There” by Louis CK, presented by/featuring Ron Lynch

8/4-5. Louis CK @ San Francisco Punch Line. 444 Battery St. SF. $20. Tickets Only Available by Phone: 415-397-3791. Special Saturday Guest: Greg Proops. 

W. Kamau Bell breaks down how Louis C.K. has done the nearly impossible: unifying the comic’s comic title with the country’s comic title, culminating in being the pound for pound best comedian in the world.