Moshe Kasher on Why The Idea of Sexual Identity Needs to Catch Up to 2013


The awesome Moshe Kasher (Native) was on The Pete Holmes Show last night and broke down why the traditional ideas of sexual identities, especially in regards to stereotypes need to, as Pete Holmes would say, scram.

Watch the clip here.

Laugh Trek, an unconventional, two-person comedy competition web series featuring Moshe Kasher (Native) and Nick Thune, comes to a fantastic conclusion (not a modifier, there are swords and beards and other cool shit).



Moshe Kasher (Native) tries to clean up his act for a more conservative audience, but winds up offending a bunch of Jews.

This Is Not Happening: Crazy True Stories. Crazy Funny Comics. New videos every Tuesday from Comedy Central and CC: Studios

Bobby Lee’s Talking: Moshe Kasher (#BayNative)

Al Madrigal (Native) and Moshe Kasher (Native) by Mindy Tucker aka withreservation

Source: withreservation

Laugh Trek: Dodgeball w/ Moshe Kasher (Native) and Nick Thune (Not Native).


Finally, Moshe Kasher (Oakland Native) is developing a series for television so we can firstly, see the life of growing up in the Bay Area with deaf Hasidic Jew parents.

See him talk about his childhood here on Conan, then let’s hope this goes to series at Showtime soon to watch a fully actualized version of all that.

Podcast: Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction. Round 1 (Bruce McCulloch, Moshe Kasher (Native), Emily Heller (Native), and Jesse Elias (Native)). Hosted by Bryan Cook. Download Link: Here. iTunes: Here. Official Link: Here

Round one with Bruce McCulloch, Moshe Kasher, Emily Heller, and Jesse Elias. Recorded Aug 10, 2013 at the Outside Lands Fest in San Francisco.

Sketch Saturday: “Rise Spirits, RISE!” by Boomtime. Featuring Brent Weinbach, Alex Koll and Moshe Kasher

Tubbin’ With Tash Episode 2: Chelsea Peretti (Native) & Reggie Watts. Featuring Natasha Leggero and Moshe Kasher (Native).

[This makes me so happy.]