Courting Comedy Spotify Playlist: (6/6/2014)

"Power Slide" by Dan Cummins. Dan Cummins, playing this weekend in beautifully estranged Sunnyvale, is a funny guy. Likeability, the vague property of not being a piece of shit, does the man well. He’s great live, riffs well, a showman without folly.

"Relax/Sit" by Rory Scovel. I love Rory Scovel to death. He’s a real, honest to greatness artist and a demoralizingly funny comic. It’s like he’s not trying, which is infuriating in my own times of doubt. Will I ever be as funny as Rory? Probably not. Still, it does well to marvel his magesty, especially on his album Dilation, recorded at SF Punch Line (to which he returns this weekend.)

"The Rooster" by OutKast. I performed at Rooster T Feathers this week. I hope they invite me back. They play Outkast’s "The Rooster" as people file out (erudite pun) and their staff is always nice to me. Also, shout out to Chipotle.

"The Worst Possible Conclusion" by Michael Ian Black. Michael Ian Black works words and wonder this week at the beautiful and coveted Chapel on Valencia St. I’m listening to his album at work. He’s fast becoming my favorite black comedian since BET’s Faceman.

"Do Not Punch My Baby" by Brian Posehn. This weekend, native Brian Posehn shares the stage with T-Pain. No, wait, this is a lie.


My Theme Song

I wrote a theme song for myself, for use in any typical theme song situation: when I’m walking on stage, or if I’m on a podcast, or if I’m hiding in my car from my family. Etc.

Hope you enjoy it!


"No Budget" is the newest audio masterpiece from comedian Will Hatcher (SF00s). Financed on a budget on $2, No Budget is one of the cost effective albums of the year. On “No Budget”, Hatcher dives deep into his emotional waters and comes out with a golden orb of heartfelt songs such as “How u Want Ur Toes Sucked” and “Cake Will Make Her Shake” that are sure to leave his fans mesmerized.

Listen to Ungoogleable You by Naomi Fearn, a delight import from Berlin in town for her DIY #2monthsSF tour.

"Everything is Awesome!!!" by Tegan and Sara, featuring the Lonely Island (Natives).

[The Lego Movie hit me hard (in the best way). It had all the humanity of your feel-good fiction, insanely clever, with a stunning insight to creativity. I enjoyed it immensely, and highly recommend it. Also, the Berkeley Boys are on the track, which is a good excuse to gush over my favorite family film since Wreck-it-Ralph and Paranorman.] 

Sketch Saturday: “Forsaken” by DJ REAL. 


DJ REAL - Forsaken (2009)
Check out DJ REAL’s ad for Myspace and bask in the glory of true love.





Here’s comedian Marc Maron (SF90s) performing the Dead song “Brokedown Palace” and telling a story about an experience he had at a Dead show. The segment includes rehearsal footage and a portion of his live performance. This was shot in San Francisco as part of (SF90s) Greg Behrendt’s “Bring The Rock” series. The musicians that play with Marc (collectively known as Electrik Snowflake) are Dave Gibbs, Grant Lee Phillips and Mark Rivers. Directed and edited by Eric S. Goodfield.

10/17. Club Chuckle present Neil Hamburger (Two Shows!) @ Hemlock Tavern. 7:30pm&9:30pm. $15. Featuring the Too Good for Neil Hamburger Band and Jesse Elias. Tickets Available: Here

oin Neil Hamburger and the Too Good for Neil Hamburger Band for a one-of-a-kind variety show extraordinaire!! Special guest Jesse Elias opens. Presented by Club Chuckles as part of its 10 year anniversary festivities. 

@ Hemlock Tavern
Thursday, Oct. 17th, 2013. 
TWO SHOWS — 7:30pm & 9:30pm.

$15 adv./door.

"The worrying starts in the first minute of the show, as NEIL HAMBURGER hacks his throat clear into the microphone and rasps out his first ‘zinger’ of a gag. It’s immediately clear this won’t be an easy one to watch. Hamburger is a pained figure, whimpering between jokes, sighing audibly. Hamburger is disgusted at himself, you see, for dispensing this filth but not as disgusted as he is at Britney Spears, David Carradine and the US band Smash Mouth." - The Guardian UK

[Holy Shit Readers! We’ve hit the 10-year-anniversary for Club Chuckles, San Francisco’s premiere left-of-center comedy producers. For whatever reason, we treat 10-years of anything to be of utmost importance. Much to our benefit, Club Chuckles is rolling out the red for an absolute steal for comedy nerds. Two cult figures — one local, the other national — in the intimate stomach of Tenderloin’s favorite rock club, without the pressure of drink minimums and silly “going out clothes”. Highly recommended.] 

Reggie Watts Making Music With Andy Samberg (Native)