"Lost on a Gambler" by Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits. Album: Cut From A Different Fur. Year: 2014. Rooftop Comedy ( rooftopcomedy )

[I love this recording. A very intimate setting for such a silly group. Just a bunch of weirdos, cobbled together in a recording studio in San Francisco. And yes, that’s my distinctive laugh.]

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"Solid 9" by Karen Kilgariff (Native). Album: Live at the Bootleg. Year: 2013. aspecialthing records

[“Please be quiet” kills me every. single. time.]

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Imaginary Radio is so great. They’re doing a lot of really cool stuff in the realm of comedy music. Here is their song called “Dik Pix.”


Product Review: Karen Kilgariff Live at the Bootleg


Ravenesque, moonish, moody, glowing eyes with wolfish glint, a lady in black brandishing wit and guitar pick (corresponding with a guitar that, admittedly, isn’t living up to its potential). Karen Kilgariff is the coolest folk hero of the almost-analogue, post-comedy boom collapse era. She came into prominence in the 1990s, starting out in Sacramento, then San Francisco, then introduced (widely) on the seminal Mr. Show. She’s since matched might with Mary Lynn Rajskub as Girl Guitar Club, wrote for the Ellen DeGeneres Show and twisted on the tips of tastemakers’ tongues. 

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"No Budget" is the newest audio masterpiece from comedian Will Hatcher (SF00s). Financed on a budget on $2, No Budget is one of the cost effective albums of the year. On “No Budget”, Hatcher dives deep into his emotional waters and comes out with a golden orb of heartfelt songs such as “How u Want Ur Toes Sucked” and “Cake Will Make Her Shake” that are sure to leave his fans mesmerized.

Listen to Ungoogleable You by Naomi Fearn, a delight import from Berlin in town for her DIY #2monthsSF tour.

"I Resolve to DANCE!" by Emily Heller and Nate Heller. Featuring Chris Thayer, Aparna Nancherla, Edwin Li, Janine Brito, Caitlin Gill, and Marcello Fama. 

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"D*ck In A Box" by The Lonely Island featuring Andy Samberg (Native) and Justin Timberlake

"Super Duper High" by MooreDevine

Just a few of our old favorites remastered and craftfully edited by Alex Q Huffman and Ash Clayton. MooreDevine is composed of SF comedians Spencer DeVine and Andrew Moore.

Own a piece of Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits, the world’s greatest humorist band, with two books available at Microcosm Publishing.

[With the holidays coming around the corner, this is the perfect gift for that special somebody who’s into the uber-indie and extra peculiar.]