Rainbow Chair by. Annie Stiles-Heller

Rainbow Chair by. Annie Stiles-Heller

Mother Nature’s Dream by. Rainbow Chair


Yo! It’s Thanksgiving time again! That means it’s time to watch this video 800 more times! And tell your family!

Thanksgiving Jam by. Emily Heller.

Featuring Alex Koll, Nate “Leilos" Heller, Chris Thayer, and Chris Garcia.

(The shot of the lower bodies going crazy is Gigglefest 2010)

(Source: rooftopcomedy.com)

I was listening to the commentary to the film MacGruber today and I came across an anecdote about the music at the end being composed/written by a Mr. Nate Heller. I thought to myself: “The” Nate Heller? Of Rainbow Chair and She Beards Nate Heller? Yes, indeed, the very same Heller child Nate. Go figure, and go listen. Good dude with good tunes. 

"[Musicians] say that they’re influenced by the Beatles or the Rolling Stones. But what about actual beetles and actual stones?"

— Rainbow Chair