New episode of the Future featuring Olivia Wilde!!! This one is one of my favorites!!!!!

Written by me, Brian Singleton, & Jim Brandon! Directed by Oren Brimer!!!

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knowyournatives: Ali Wong

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knowyournatives: Phyllis Diller

knowyournatives: Phyllis Diller

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knowyournatives: Margaret Cho

knowyournatives: Margaret Cho

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The Future w/  Emily Heller ( emilyheller, native ) featuring Tim Meadows. [via aboveaverage]

knowyournatives: Will Forte



Podcast: The Shade of it All “Episode 11: Paris Is Burning” with Janine BritoAlex Koll and Katie Compa. Special Guest: Christian Cintron. Download Link: Here. iTunes: Here. Official Link: Here


EPISODE 11: Paris Is Burning

This week continues our “Summer Tuckin’” series with one of the most important movies in the drag canon: the 1990 documentary Paris Is Burning.  Guest Christian Cintron returns to explore the heavy personal and political themes of the film with us, while still finding time to discuss the “Occupy Backrolls” movement, Dude Zumba and drop some mind-blowing post-filming secrets! - (music: http://www.bensound.com)

Stand Up Planet: Hasan Minhaj Thinks “The Lion King” Is a Documentary

"How to Stop Swearing" by Priya Prasad. via rooftopcomedy

[One of the most technically sound bits I know. Love it!]