Moshe Kasher (Native) @ Whiplash Comedy/UCB Theater by Mindy Tucker. 

Podcast: The Shade of it All “Episode Two: Season 6, Episode 9” with Janine Brito, Alex Koll and Katie Compa. Download Link: Here. iTunes: Here. Official Link: Here


EPISODE TWO: Season 6 Episode 9

Alex, Katie and Janine FREAK THE FOX OUT over the chaos of Episode 9 and try to sort through the resulting rubble of Cher’s aircraft carriers, questionable halloween costumes and #meatytucks.

"Personal Information Waltz feat. Will Forte (Native)" by Demetri Martin. Album: These Are Jokes. Year: 2006.

[I love Will Forte so much (especially on this track). Now that I know that he grew up in the Bay, expect a lot more love for him on this site.]

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Watch Former SF Resident Sheng Wang’s Fallon Debut


Though having had a Comedy Central half hour special as well as appearing on John Oliver’s NY Stand Up Show and Totally Biased, the very funny Sheng Wang hadn’t notched a late night set at one of the more traditional late night programs until now.

Watch his nicely done first set on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon here.



Stand Up: The Musical

Last year there were rumors going around about someone shopping/producing a musical for Broadway based on the world of Standup Comedy. Realizing this is a terrible idea, me and longtime friend Jason Saenz imagined what a musical about the life of a Standup comic would actually be like…

The answer is: petty, bitter, and wonderful.

(thanks to Adina Pliskin who made this music video a reality)


Super Janine Brito by Jen Maler. Click these words for more pictures on JB’s FB FP (Janine Brito’s Facebook Fan Page).

This is a baker’s dozen of some of my favorite clips from Totally Biased. When we did these pieces, I truly felt like we were making the kind of TV that I wanted to see. Obviously everybody on the show isn’t visibly represented or mentioned here but they all contributed jokes and ideas to the pieces on this this list. (Get their names on IMDB.) And this isn’t even close to everything that I loved on the show, but as far as I know, there’s no such thing as a baker’s 37.

[We’re still reeling from the cancelation of “Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell”. It wasn’t just entertainment bent on social justice (that shit that I like), it was a beacon of hope of being trusted with a show built upon a long-forged identity and voice. It’ll be interesting to see where everything falls for the largely Bay Area crew, but in the meantime, the captain of the ship has given a behind-the-scenes retrospective on some of his ultra-biased favorite moments.]

Al Madrigal (Native) and Moshe Kasher (Native) by Mindy Tucker aka withreservation

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Guy Branum (#SF00s) @ Shtick or Treat by Mindy Tucker

Guy Branum (#SF00s) @ Shtick or Treat by Mindy Tucker

Sketch Sunday: “Sextape’s Big Break” by Sextape Comedy