seriously, it’s 2014 and y’all ain’t talkin’ about MTV Cribs enough…UNTIL NOW. we over at BLESSED (THE SKETCH COMEDY GROUP) believe that it’s never too late to do a Cribs parody. I hope you feel the same (and i totally understand if you don’t). ENJOY!


Imaginary Radio is so great. They’re doing a lot of really cool stuff in the realm of comedy music. Here is their song called “Dik Pix.”

Sketch Saturday: “Just Hold On, Scandal’s On (Drake - Hold On, We’re Going Home Parody)” by Will Hatcher (#SF00s)

"A Chorus of Balls" by Brent Weinbach (SF00s)


Top Guys, A ‘Top Gun’ Stage Play Parody in San Francisco

It Gets Worse Comedy: “Rather Shoot Myself in the Head Than Have a Stupid Fan Base” by Sal Calanni

Sketch Saturday: “Ratchet Love Me (Lil Wayne - Love Me Parody)” by Willie Dynamite (Will Hatcher). 

Sketch Saturday: “Pretty Gruesome” by Killing My Lobster

"Sanderson 720º - Boston Manhunt (GNN NEWS)" by Goatface Comedy. Featuring Hasan Minhaj (SF00s), Asif Ali, Fahim Anwar, Aristotle Athiras, Rory Scovel, Rob Gleeson and Jake Weisman.