Podcast: Blaria Podcast w/ Phoebe Robinson. Guest: Solomon Georgio (Fresno Native). Download Link: Here. Official Link: Here

Holla, #TeamBlaria! Hope y’all had a great weekend! Right now, I’m at MTV, working on Girl Code, so I’ll have to keep this shorter than a Vine video, which is a bummer because I wish I had time to go on and on about today’s guest: Solomon Georgio. He’s a very talented West Coast comic who was in NYC last week and popped over to my crib to chat with me when he wasn’t doing a show. He’s phenoms and charming and modelesque. In this episode, Sols talks about the wonders of Grindr, growing up on the West Coast, race issues like colorism, and throws shade at my boo Leonardo DiCaprio. This is seriously one of my fav interviews yet, so get into it!! Love you. Mean it. BYE!

Twitter: @solomongeorgio
Facebook: www.facebook.com/solomon.georgio


Caitlin Gill gets racy (filmed by Wonder Dave)

Totally Biased: Anything You Want to Say to a White Guy? 

Podcast: WTF w/ Marc Maron. Episode 325. Featuring W. Kamau Bell. Download Link: Here. iTunes Link: Here. Official Link: Here.

Comedian W. Kamau Bell steps into the garage for the kind of conversation he says doesn’t happen enough - an honest discussion about race. Marc and Kamau try to deal with racial identity in comedy and they explain why it would help if white people would be more open about their whiteness. Plus, Kamau explains how he got hooked up with Chris Rock, leading to his show Totally Biased.

Jazz Talk. Jasper Redd #34

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Totally Biased hosted by W. Kamau Bell (FX Thurs 11pm EST)

This late night comedy show tackles racism, microaggressions, and other  political issues that many tend to ignore.

You’re sitting at home with a perm and a hot comb DOING NOTHING.

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"I’m Filipino, May I Come In" by Kevin Camia. Album: Kindness. Year: 2010. Recorded Live at the San Francisco Punch Line. 

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Lance Wood @ Stoney Inn 

"I can’t even say my own racial slur."

— Sammy Obeid on “sand-n*gger” @ San Francisco Punch Line [Paraphrase]

"We both fuck white people with low self esteem…It feels like justice"

— Khara Cara on the similarities between Blacks and Asians [Paraphrased]