"Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!" by ACoupleOfN3rds

"Getting out a long-term relationship is the closest thing a human can get to coming out of the Disney Vault."

Kevin O’Shea @ The Knockout Open Mic [Paraprhase]

Totally Biased: Hannibal Buress, Relationship Expert

“Couples Talk Ep. 5 - Freebie? Who would you sleep with?” by A Couple of N3rds featuring Casey Grim and Adam McLaughlin

"I only show you “the crazy” because I like you."

— Eloisa Bravo on lasting relationships @ Brainwash 

"Bass Instructor" by Joey Izzo. Featuring Chris Garcia and Briseis Schreibman.

[This is absolutely fulfilling.]

Scenes from a Relationship by Alex Koll

Courting Sketchfest: “The Great BJ Lie” by Katie Compa

(Source: rooftopcomedy.com)

"Who knew that “callous and vain” rhymed with “Clare O’Kane”"

— Clare O’Kane on breaking up with creative people [i.e. musicians] @ Brainwash Ladies Night

"Interracial relationships are so great because you’re not supposed to be in them. It’s like anal."

— Kaseem Bentley on a road trip. [Paraphrase]