4/27-28. Sklar Brothers @ Cobb’s Comedy Club. 915 Columbus Ave. SF. $23. Featuring Ron Funches. More Information: Here

I was blessed to see Janine Brito, Ron Funches, and Nick Thune perform at the San Francisco Punch Line for SF Sketchfest Dozen. I was enthralled to say the least. Please enjoy. 

"My wife allows me to dress in a way that is comfortable and unfuckable."

— Ron Funches @ San Francisco Punch Line [Paraphrase]

Courting Sketchfest Countdown: Ron Funches @ The Purple Onion [26 Days]

Ron Funches. Gangs in Portland.

[This joke hits like a locomotive.]


Snob Theater + Bridgetown Comedy Festival 2011 - Photo Gallery

Many thanks to Liezl for the wonderful photos.

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Courting Sketchfest: Comedian on Comedian w/ Coree Spencer. Guest: Ron Funches

[“Lights out” is a natural nightmare for African Americans]