[A true Bay Area holiday tradition]


“Thanksgiving Jam” by Emily Heller.

(Source: rooftopcomedy.com)

Courting Sketchfest: “More of A Dog Person” by Joselyn Hughes. Recorded Live at Stage Werx

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(Source: rootopcomedy.com)

Courting Sketchfest: “Getting Recognized” by Jeff Wattenhofer. Recorded Live at Stage Werx. (via RooftopComedy)

Courting Sketchfest: “Verizon Commercial” by JC Coccoli. Recorded Live at Stage Werx. (via RooftopComedy)

"Cat Bully" by Nathan Brannon. Recorded Live at Stage Werx. (via RooftopComedy)

Quick Fix: “Shrimp Accusation Leads to Ninja Sword Fight” via RooftopComedy. Hosted by Cameron Edmondson.

Courting Sketchfest: “Detained by Israeli Security” by Matt Lieb. Recorded Live at Stage Werx Theater. 

Favorite Things of Last Night: Loren Kraut

Watch: “How I’m Shallow” by Alison Stevenson. Filmed at the Purple Onion. (via of Rooftop Comedy)